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Official Alice Vandy Dresses, Tops and Jumpsuits

Welcome to the weird, whimsical and truly wondrous world of Planet Vandy! Fusing fairytale fantasy with wicked streetwear vibes, Alice Vandy designs truly original, bold jumpsuits, dresses, tees and tops which are adorned with her signature loud-and-proud, other-worldly prints.

After Jessie J snapped up her debut collection in 2013, Alice's striking pieces have been worn by limelight-loving celebs like Little Mix and Rita Ora, and have been spotted on shows like The X Factor and Britain's Next Top Model. And we're super excited to host her latest collaborations, where space-age, futuristic fun meets ultra-cute, kitsch 80s classics (and top TruffleShuffle favourites!) My Little Pony and Care Bears.

So if you're looking for a healthy dose of magical madness and love nothing more than to turn heads in a statement print or two, look no further than our colour-crazy collection of Alice Vandy clothing, dresses, tops and catsuits.

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