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Friends Playing Cards
  • Friends Playing Cards
  • Friends Playing Cards
  • Friends Playing Cards

Friends Playing Cards

Description & More Info

2019 marks twenty-five years since the cult TV series Friends first aired. Wowsers, where did the time go! It's resurgence on Netflix, bought the hilarious sitcom to a whole new following and reminded original fans just how awesome Friends was! In these Friends Playing Cards, the sextuplet is pretty much coupled off and assigned to each suit. Ross and Rachel are (on and off) hearts. Monica and Chandler are diamonds because Monica asked to be diamonds and we're not arguing with her? The quirky Phoebe takes spades, leaving loveable Joey as clubs. Of course, “Oh, my, GOD!” Janice plays the role of Joker. A great way to hang out and have fun with your own best friends.

  • Friends Playing Cards
  • Featuring Chantel De Sousa illustrations
  • Deck of 52 standard-sized cards
  • 8cm (h) x 6.5cm (w)
  • Great gift idea
  • 100% official Chantel de Sousa merchandise


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Anonymous TruffleShuffle Purchaser - 30th Sep 2019


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