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A total hero of '80s and '90s morning TV, we're huge fans of larger-than-life presenter Timmy Mallett! We fondly remember school holidays gathered around the telly watching Wacaday, in all its colourful, fabulously bizarre glory! If Mallett's Mallet, "Blaaaah!", Hawaiian shirts, itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikinis and plasters with felt tip writing on them mean something to you, then check out our quirky collection of official Timmy Mallett T-Shirts, clothing and gifts. Utterly brilliant!

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Pinky Punky Wacaday Mallett's Mallet
Pinky Punky Wacaday Mallett's Mallet
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Timmy Mallett Patterned T-Shirt
Timmy Mallett Patterned T-Shirt
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