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Dirty Dancing: Official Gifts and Homewares

Nobody will be putting our super-80s (and 100% awesome) Dirty Dancing gifts and homewares in the corner, that's for sure! One of the most memorable movies of that decade- and let's face it, all time - Dirty Dancing has a special place in the hearts of countless 80's kids.

From the crazy-good, irresistible soundtrack (one of the biggest selling movie soundtracks ever!) to the oh-so-charming story of first love set amongst a heady world of Cha-Chas and THAT Johnny and Baby lift, along with tons of quotable moments - I carried a watermelon, anyone? - it's the perfect feel-good retro movie that deserves some celebration.

Our official Dirty Dancing mugs, prints and make-up will make perfect purchases and gifts for devotees of this heart-warming flick. Looking to have the time of your life? Then look no further than our Dirty Dancing collection.

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