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Gudetama Mornings Suck Mug

Gudetama Mornings Suck Mug

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Who better to spread the message that 'Mornings Suck' then Gudetama! The latest character to join the Sanrio family, his name is a play on 'gude-gude,' which means lazy and 'tamago,' or egg in Japanese and sure enough, Gudetama is an egg who, well - seems to lack the energy to do anything much at all. Usually found sleeping in his shell, curled up in a bacon blanket or taking a nap, mornings are of course his least favourite part of the day (although it's a close tie with afternoons and evenings too.) Meh!

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- Gudetama Mornings Suck Mug
- 11oz ceramic mug
- Created using the finest dye sublimation techniques
- Dishwasher safe
- 100% official merchandise

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Olivia - 5th Aug 2016

Review: Excellent

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