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Spacey Stacy Garbage Pail Kids T-Shirt
  • Spacey Stacy Garbage Pail Kids T-Shirt
  • Spacey Stacy Garbage Pail Kids T-Shirt

Spacey Stacy Garbage Pail Kids T-Shirt from Famous Forever

from Famous Forever

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If you spent any time in a playground in the mid-80s, the Garbage Pail Kids craze will definitely spark some serious nostalgia. Gruesome, gross and sometimes downright offensive (probably why they were so popular!) if you remember collecting as many Garbage Pail Kid's cards as your pocket money would allow and trading them during breaktimes back in the day, our tribute tees are sure to raise a smile. This one stars Spacey Stacy (otherwise known as Ashcan Andy) who bears a remarkable resemblance to R2-D2 with her trash can body. This fan favourite card looks great recreated on Famous Forever's black tee, the perfect way to celebrate your love for GPK!

  • Spacey Stacy Garbage Pail Kids T-Shirt
  • Unisex lightweight black tee with a soft feel
  • Made from 100% combed cotton
  • Lightly distressed print
  • Unisex style: please check our custom size chart to help find your ideal fit
  • 100% official Garbage Pail Kids Famous Forever T-Shirt
  • Exclusive to TruffleShuffle


2 Reviews -

Verified Purchase

Stacy Payne from - 18th Jun 2020

Review: Excellent quality I had this card as a kid!!

Verified Purchase

Julie Lewis from - 16th Jun 2020

Review: Amazing T-Shirt that reminds me of my childhood and collecting the cards and gum packs.Good quality item easily my favourite item of clothing.

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