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Keypers Orchid T-Shirt
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  • Keypers Orchid T-Shirt
  • Keypers Orchid T-Shirt
  • sproutdancing

Keypers Orchid T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle

from TruffleShuffle

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Keypers, Keypers, what's inside those Keypers...
Fun friends with a secret hiding place, Keypers were top of the toy wishlist when they were released in 1986. Fancy the Snail, Hero the Kangaroo, Princess the Swan, Keyboard the Penguin, Sheldon the Turtle and more were on hand to keep your precious treasured locked away from prying hands and each came with their own little finder toy. This tee features some of the gang along with the retro Keypers logo. You may even need to dig out your Keyper to keep this covetable treasure safe.
Keyers, Keypers, keeps it safe inside...

  • Keypers Orchid T-Shirt
  • Unisex, heavyweight lilac tee
  • Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton
  • Lightly distressed print
  • Unisex style: please check our custom size chart to help find your ideal fit
  • Exclusive to TruffleShuffle


2 Reviews -

Verified Purchase

Craig - 3rd Mar 2021

Review: This will be a Mother’s Day gift and I know it will go down a treat!!

Verified Purchase

Stephanie - 28th Jan 2021

Review: I love this T-shirt so much.. had this toy as a child and it brings back some great memories! ❤️