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After meeting The Joker at Gotham's home for the criminally insane, promising psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel turns to the dark side, becoming obsessed with his twisted mind and transforming into bubbly, yet utterly psychotic Harley Quinn. Fixated on making her 'puddin' happy, Harley is more than just the bad girl of DC Comics - she's one of the true Super Villains and she'll do anything - and we mean anything - to further the Clown Prince of Crime's goals, no matter how murderous she has to be along the way...

Celebrate Harley Quinn's kick ass star turn in Suicide Squad with our official Harley Quinn T-Shirts, jewellery and accessories.


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Women's 2pk Harley Quinn Socks
Women's 2pk Harley Quinn Socks

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33% OffDaddy's Lil Monster Suicide Squad Wash Bag
Daddy's Lil Monster Suicide Squad Wash Bag

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