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Take a desperate need for money, a healthy dose of chemistry talent, a whole lot of hunger for power and a few criminal connections - and you've got one truly explosive concoction... When Breaking Bad hit screens back in 2008, no-one knew what a ground-breaking smash hit it would be. The critically-acclaimed series depicts 50-year-old science teacher Walter White's transformation from mild-mannered family man to kingpin of the drug trade following a stage three cancer diagnosis, exploring how his discovery releases Walt from the daily concerns and constraints of society. Breaking Bad became one of the most-watched shows on American TV - and it still lives on through Netflix, the perfect binge watch! If you connected with the series and its amazing characters like we did, get your hands on some awesome Breaking Bad T-Shirts, gifts, accessories and homewares, perfect for Breaking Baddicts! From T-Shirts with famous Breaking Bad sayings like Walt's 'I am the one who knocks!' (and who can forget Jesse Pinkman's favourite phrase, 'Science, bitch!') to characters like slippery Saul Goodman, the deadly 'Heisenberg' himself and infamous Gus Freing and his 'Chicken Brothers' chain (check out our vintage-style Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt, exclusive to TruffleShuffle), our Breaking Bad designs are so good, it's truly criminal.

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