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Breaking free of conventional pop-song formats, experimental British rockers and studio perfectionists Pink Floyd practically created the blueprint for the progressive rock of the '70s, and are one of the most important and influential bands in British music history. If you're a fan (we salute you!) pay homage to their rich back catalogue with our Pink Floyd T-Shirts and gifts, from brands like Amplified Kids and Amplified, honouring Pink Floyd's tours and your favourite Pink Floyd records, with their totally iconic album covers - from the seminal Dark Side of the Moon, with its gorgeous, trippy yet alienating melodies (and of course THAT instantly recognisable prism artwork); 1979's hard-hitting concept album The Wall, exploring radical themes of abandonment and isolation; to politically-fuelled Animals with its ace album cover featuring a pig flying over the iconic chimneys of London's Battersea Power Station and the atmospheric, contemplative The Division Bell.

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Pink Floyd Spectrum Socks
Pink Floyd Spectrum Socks
: 6.9900 €8.32
Dusty Rose Pink Floyd Animals Tour T-Shirt
Dusty Rose Pink Floyd Animals Tour T-Shirt
: 24.9900 €29.74