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Set in a gritty future version of 2019, where Neo-Tokyo rises from the ashes of global conflict, this adrenaline-pumping tale is a total rollercoaster ride of corruption, rebellion, and mind-bending psychic powers. Following a fearless Shōtarō Kaneda as he revs up with his gang, the Capsules, in a high-octane clash against the notorious Clowns. When his friend Tetsuo collides with a government escapee with unimaginable abilities, the stakes skyrocket. As Tetsuo's powers spiral out of control, threatening to unleash chaos reminiscent of the legendary Akira, it's a race against time to save Neo-Tokyo from a cataclysmic fate. Fuel your passion for this iconic anime with our handpicked collection of Akira t-shirts, clothing, and merchandise. Part of our ever-growing collection of awesome Anime clothing, gifts and more!