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July 25th 2021 by Iain

Our Latest Marvel Must-Haves!

With truly amazing movies popping up almost monthly and being able to get even more of our Marvel fix with top telly shows on Disney+ such as Loki, WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we're truly living in a world packed with superheroes... and we love it!

With so much action, adventure and storylines to geek over, we've thrown ourselves into to depths of the Marvel universe with our amazing collection of Marvel Merchandise!

With so much to pick from and new goodies being added all the time, we've picked out some of our personal favourites and best sellers right now to help get you totally in the Marvel mood. Enjoy!

Black Marvel Comics Loki Logo T-Shirt

Back and better than ever, how could we not show our love for the God of Mischief with some amazing Loki merch including this Loki Logo T-Shirt?

Marvel Comics Spider-Man Rope Toy for Dogs

Our Spidey-Senses are telling us you're pooch will totally love this Spider-Man Rope Toy for Dogs. Great way to keep your pup busy and show some love for this true superhero icon!

Women's Marvel Comics Black Widow World Saviour T-Shirt from Difuzed

Is there anything Natalia Alianovna can't do? You name it, she'll rock it.. even if that's starring in our own all-new disney+ TV show! Show some love for the all-around action machine with this Black Widow World Saviour T-Shirt from Difuzed.

Women's Black Marvel Comics Pyjamas

Even heroes need some downtime, right? Make chilling to the max your superpower with these Marvel-lous Black Marvel Comics Pyjamas!

Black The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Logo T-Shirt

Joining forces to take on those pesky Flag-Smashers, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are back in action in their very own show that's packed with action. Grab this awesome The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Logo T-Shirt before they fly out!

Black Deadpool Joggers

Now, THIS is a character! In so many ways too. Celebrate your wild side in style with this super-cosy Deadpool Joggers.

With so many more heroes just waiting for their time to shine, let them save the day and bring some marvel magic to your universe with our complete collection of superhero merchandise over on the site!