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October 8th 2023 by Iain

TruffleShuffle x Disney100: Exclusive 2000s Disney Clothing Now Live!

We've got just one more decade to add to our exclusive Disney 100 collection - but boy, are we ending on a high!

We think you’ll be excited about our selection of Disney T-Shirts featuring some of Disney's classics from the 00s, including The Incredibles, Monsters Inc and Ratatouille which are looking almost good enough to eat!

Check out our latest additions and add some 00s style to your collection now!

Disney 100 The Incredibles Edna Mode Black T-Shirt

Before Anna Wintour or Edward Enninful, there was the ultimate fashion maven of the 00s - the fabulous Edna Mode from The Incredibles! If you're all about forward fashion, you'll adore this high-couture The Incredibles Edna Mode T-Shirt featuring Edna from this iconic 2 movie. Just one rule: NO CAPES!

Disney 100 Monsters Inc Navy T-Shirt

Remember when everyone thought bedtime monsters were terrifying? Well, that all changed when Disney Pixar's 00s masterpiece, Monsters, Inc., hit our screens! Turns out, they were more afraid of us than we were of them.

Behold, our exclusive new Monsters Inc Navy T-Shirt that's a heartfelt tribute to the beloved characters from the 2001 film: Mike Wazowski, Sulley, and Boo. Slip into this tee, dream big, and never let anyone convince you that you're not the monster of their dreams!

Disney 100 Ratatouille Natural T-Shirt

Let's get real, navigating the culinary world isn't a cakewalk, especially if you're Remy, the aspiring chef rat from Disney Pixar's Ratatouille. He's got big dreams of following in the footsteps of his hero, the legendary Chef Auguste Gusteau, the toast of Paris. It's a rat race out there, quite literally!

If you're a Disney aficionado with some kitchen wizardry up your sleeve, then brace yourself for a treat. Our design team at TruffleShuffle Towers has concocted this delectable Ratatouille T-Shirt just for you, straight from our exclusive Disney 100 collection. When you lay eyes on it, your first words might just be "Bon appetit!"

Dive into our ever-growing collection of totally exclusive Disney clothes in our Disney 100 range and show your love for your favourite character, tales and more with our official Disney T-Shirts, sweaters, dresses and more!