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Official Charlie Chalk T-Shirts, Gifts & Merch

Set sail back to 1987 when the legendary Ivor Wood introduced us to the quirkiest clown around - Charlie Chalk! After Charlie finds himself stranded on the strange island of Merrytwit after he decides to take a little nap and do some fishing while out at sea, the adventures really began! If you grew up chuckling at the weekly adventures of Charlie, Lewis T Duck, Arnold, Captain Mildred, Trader Jones, and the whole lovable crew, then you're in for a treat. Feast your eyes on our exclusive Charlie Chalk T-Shirts, clothing and merchandise that's a total blast down memory lane. Perfect additions for your everyday outfit, whether you're on a mission to find the elusive Bye Bye Beast or gearing up for the annual Coconut Harvest festivities. Get ready to relive those cherished childhood memories in style, because some things never go out of fashion, especially not the zany adventures of our favourite clown!