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Slytherin Official Merchandise - Accessories, Clothing and Gifts

If you want to be truly great, then there's only one Hogwart's House that will help you on your way…make sure you Slyther-in to our stylish collection of Harry Potter Slytherin T-Shirts, hoodies and accessories!

The most cunning and ambitious House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Slytherins are known for their intelligence and resourcefulness (not to mention they don't always play by the rules…) You'll have your fellow Slytherin friends turning green with envy in our collegiate-look crested Slytherin hoodies, sweaters, T-Shirts and varsity jackets - but even those on the rise to greatness need some down time, and that's what our super-comfy Slytherin robe and slippers are for!

Show off your Slytherin status with our cool jewellery and pin badges and concoct your next grand plans over a cuppa or brekkie in our Slytherin mugs and homewares. Truly magical ways to showcase your pure-blood brilliance and must-haves for any fan of this leader-loving Harry Potter House!

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