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When Mr and Mrs Brown first met a small bear from Darkest Peru with a fondness for marmalade sandwiches on the concourse of Paddington railway station, life at No.32 Windsor Gardens was never quite the same ever again! Since Michael Bond wrote the first of Paddington Bear’s adventures in 1958, they have grown to become a best-selling series of books, then a charming stop-motion animated TV series by Ivor Wood in 1975, and more recently, winning over cinema-goers in two hilarious and heartwarming big screen outings! Now, this most beloved of bears is a true national treasure with worldwide fame. With our adorable collection of Paddington Bear gifts and merch, including ornamental decorations, mugs, teapots and ceramic wares, you can bring a bit of his good manners and gentle nature into your life. Perfect gift ideas for the Paddington fan in your life, shop our range of official merchandise, accessories and more!