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It's wacky, it's wild, and it's now totally a show we would never want to miss... it is, of course, Taskmaster! Hitting our evening screens on Channel 4 back in 2015, this weird and wonderful comedy panel game show has quickly become one of the best-loved, laugh-out-loud shows on the box. Packed with ever more random antics in the Taskmaster house, this totally hilarious show is presided over by Greg Davies and Alex Horne as they put household-name comedians and celebrities to the test with fun and totally random puzzles and challenges. Now you can bring the fun and action of the show to your home with our epic selection of Taskmaster games, gifts and merch, including the Taskmaster Boardgame to hold a Secret Series to see who amongst your family and friends can emerge as your very own Champion of Champions! Ideal for your next game night if you're ready to think outside the box!