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May 14th 2024

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 2 Trailer & Release Date Is Here

Sharpen those swords and steel your hearts, Middle-earth fans! The epic teaser trailer for Season 2 of Prime Video's The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is finally here, and it's looking every bit as legendary as you'd hope.

"Prepare yourselves"

...for things are about to get dark for as Prince Durin states, "an evil, ancient and powerful has returned" and is looking to take control of anything that moves.

We're taking our first look back into Middle-Earth as Prime Video has just released their long-awaited teaser trailer for the second season of their hit show.

Revealing a glimpse of the darkness that's to come and the rise of Sauron, you know, just as we hear in the clip, every soul in Middle-Earth is in peril. Take a look!

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 2 Release Date

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May 8th 2024

Suns Out, Tees On! The Coolest T-Shirts for Hot Weather

It's finally here! Breaking free from what feels like years of cold and wet days snuggled into our sweaters with a cuppa... okay it's not so bad, huh, we're finally embracing the brighter, warmer days ahead which means one thing... it's cool t-shirt weather!

If there is one thing that really make us all happy at Truffle Towers, it's getting to rock our favourite T-Shirts for all to see. A chance to share our latest styles with the world and spread a little fandom and joy one wear at a time.


If you're looking to give your own collection a little refresh so you're looking and feeling every bit ready to celebrate the sunshine while it lasts, make sure you're doing it in total style with our ever-growing collection of cool shirts and tops featuring some of the most iconic and nostalgic characters, titles and more.

From cartoon t-shirts with colour, band t-shirts bringing the noise or movie t-shirts for a bit of drama to your day, check out our top picks available right now!

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May 9th 2024

Tee-rific Dad: Fun Father's Day T-Shirts He'll Love

Dads: the unsung heroes of everyday life, from soothing a baby to wrangling a rebellious teenager (or even just a mischievous pup). It's always something!

Let's face it, being a dad is like being a superhero with a never-ending supply of dad jokes (it's actually in the job description... we checked) and what better time to celebrate these superhumans than Father's Day?

Forget the tie this year, let's talk about Dad's new favourite treat, our Father's Day T-shirts!

Packed with old-school cool from their childhood or even cult classics they still love today from iconic movies, cartoons and more, our collection of Father's Day gifts isn't just packed with any old tees, they're like a totally hand picked homage for all the cool titles and characters he loves that never fail to make him happy.

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May 1st 2024

Loungefly May Collection 2024 Now Live At TruffleShuffle!


It's that time again! Elevate your look with enchanting Disney designs, shell-shock the streets with dope TMNT drip or carry your keepsakes in brand-new Care Bears bags from Loungefly and so much more!

There's a total treasure trove of treats to explore with incredible Loungefly May designs that have just hit

Discover some of our top picks or shop the complete collection available right now!

Loungefly x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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May 1st 2024

Soak Up Some SpongeBob Style With Our Latest Clothing!

Celebrating the milestone anniversary, our SpongeBob SquarePants 25th anniversary collection has got all of Bikini Bottom will be bubbling with excitement!

Washing onto the site from today, show your love for this truly iconic toon that's had fans hooked for a quarter of a century with our new SpongeBob SquarePants T-shirts and sweaters!

Submerge into our spectacular new styles featuring SpongeBob, Patrick and their undersea chums. Deep breath, let's dive in!

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April 30th 2024

Happy Half-O-Ween: Unveiling Spooky New Styles for the Mid-Year Haunt!

It's half-o-ween! That perfectly chilling halfway point between Halloween day, we're carving up our pumpkins and dragging out the dusty broomsticks to celebrate in style with two all-new and oooOOOOoooh so exclusive Halloween T-Shirts into our always shockingly cool collection of Halloween clothing.

Paying homage to some of the most iconic and well-loved cult movies and TV shows, our latest designs have just crept from the crypt and onto the site letting you show your love for these true icons all year round because as all you true Halloween fans know... spooky season is not just once a year, it's a way of life!

Check out our new TruffleShuffle exclusives along with some of our best sellers and top finds to really bring some extra shock to your horror style.

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