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06-22 - Spend and Save

Official The Exorcist

Prepare to be possessed by our official The Exorcist merchandise collection, featuring frightful vintage T-Shirts, gifts and more. Based on the novel of the same name and directed by William Friedkin, The Exorcist is often cited as the single most terrifying horror flick of all time, telling the story of 12-year-old Linda Blair who starts acting strange - levitating and speaking in tongues - which leads her worried mother to seek the help of two priests to help save her. Horrifying, gruesome and unsettling to the max, The Exorcist even had audiences fainting in the cinema when it was first released but thanks to its incredible storytelling, this spine-chillingly scary movie has remained as a horror-fan favourite for decades - and it’s even inspired multiple prequels, sequels and even a TV series.