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July 10th 2024

Colour Your World with Trolls: Exclusive New T-Shirts At TruffleShuffle!

Things are getting a lot brighter and a whole lot more colourful at Truffle Towers this week with the launch of our exclusive new Trolls T-shirts!

Remember those quirky Trolls dolls with their wild, spiked-up hair, sparkly gem bellybuttons, and cheeky smiles? Even though they first popped up in the '50s, they totally became a 90s sensation. If you had a Trolls doll back in the day, you were living your best life!

We're bringing back all that Troll-tastic joy with our new collection of Trolls clothing. These designs are packed with all the fun and magic you remember. Now you can show off your Trolls love in style.

Check out our latest styles that are guaranteed to hit you right in the nostalgia!

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July 9th 2024

Guess Who’s Back? Feather's McGraw Stealing The Show With New Mischievous Merch at TruffleShuffle!

He's small, he's smart, and boy is he one evil genius!

It's been over 30 years since the sneaky Feathers McGraw first waddled into our lives, only to, of course, be outwitted by always amazing Wallace & Gromit in the Academy Award-winning classic, The Wrong Trousers.

Well, revealed by Aardman just a few weeks back, our favourite villainous penguin is back! Plotting his comeback in the highly anticipated new adventure, Vengeance Most Fowl that's set to ruffle some feathers when it will be beaming its way to your TVs this Christmas.

Never one to miss out on a grand old chance to wear our love for this flippin' slippery fella, we've just released some all-new exclusive Wallace and Gromit merchandise with our very latest Feathers McGraw T-shirts and sweaters!

Featuring iconic artwork with a good old TruffleShuffle twist, take a closer look at our latest styles now...

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June 27th 2024

Celebrating 40 Years of Colour: Exclusive Rainbow Brite Hits TruffleShuffle!

It's Rainbow Brite's 40th birthday and you're our guest of honour!

Join us for the ultimate 80's throwback celebration! We've just launched our biggest Rainbow Brite collaboration ever and it's bursting with all the colours of Rainbow Land.

For 40 years, Rainbow Brite, Starlite, and the Color Kids have filled our lives with magical, colour-packed adventures. Now, you can relive those vibrant memories in total style with our exclusive new collection.

Get ready to dazzle in our super brite Rainbow Brite T-shirts, tie-dyes, and dresses that are perfect for adding a splash of nostalgia and fun to your wardrobe.

Don't miss out on this exclusive collection. Shop now and bring a rainbow of joy to your day!

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June 28th 2024

Exclusive Pride 2024 Charity T-Shirts Now Live At TruffleShuffle!

Celebrating love in all its magical forms, we're back with another totally loved-up collection of Pride charity T-shirts, designed specifically for Pride (and beyond of course) featuring some of the most beloved classic characters ever!

A vibrant celebration of the ongoing fight for inclusivity and acceptance, we're so excited to launch our exclusive Pride 2024 charity collection featuring the whimsical Moomins, the always colourful Elmer and the totally loved-up Care Bears who all embody the Pride message that all love is beautiful in its many forms.

With designs that are packed with colour and with a focus on spreading love, acceptance, and unity, not only do these look good, but they're doing good with 50% of profits being donated to the amazing Just Like Us charity to support the incredible work they do with young members of the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Get ready to wear your Pride on your sleeve (literally!) and let's create a world where everyone can express their true selves freely and without fear.

Shop our 2024 Pride clothing collection and find your perfect t-shirt that speaks to your heart and shares your Pride with the world.

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June 25th 2024

TruffleShuffle Pride 2024: Meet Our Exclusive Pride Sticker Designer Emily Sneesbee

Summer is here, and you know what that means... it's time to break out your favourite t-shirts and soak up some glorious sunshine (fingers crossed)! But that's not all. It's also the perfect season to wave our rainbow flags with extra flair because Pride 2024 is here, bringing with it a whirlwind of amazing Pride events worldwide.

To celebrate Pride 2024 in true TruffleShuffle fashion, we've been hard at work crafting an exclusive collection of charity Pride T-shirts featuring your beloved retro icons Care Bears, Moomins, and Elmer!

That's not all though, we've teamed up with the incredible designer Emily Sneesbee, who has whipped up a fabulous sticker design that you'll get for FREE with every order from this year's Pride collection.

Curious about the magic behind the scenes or looking to know a little more about Emily? You're in the right place. We sat down with Emily to get the scoop on her creative process and the inspiration behind her stunning designs.

Here's what she had to say...

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June 19th 2024

Bag A Bargain: Up To 50% Off These Stunning Loungefly Bags & More!

The sun is shining and the deals are hotter than ever in our big Summer sale!

Not only do we have epic savings on 100s of t-shirts, gifts and more, but we've added heaps of fresh faces to our ever-growing range of Loungefly sale bags!

With up to a whopping 50% offLoungefly bags, stationery, clothing and accessories from your favourite LA brand, you really won't want to sleep on these deals as when they're gone, they are GONE and we're not just saying that.

Check out some of our top picks of our Summer sale available to snap up right now while stocks last!

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