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December 8th 2023

In A World Of Pure Imagination: Exclusive New Wonka Merchandise!

Guess who's making a sweet comeback to the silver screen? Oh yes, it's none other than our beloved Willy Wonka, and this time, he's brought along heartthrob Timothee Chalamet for the whimsical ride!Hold onto your golden tickets, because it's been a whopping 18 years since we last roamed the fantastical realms of Willy Wonka's chocolatey wonderland. Hitting the screens right now, we're diving back into the nougat-filled nostalgia, exploring Wonka's origin story, his early escapades, and how he got acquainted with those toe-tapping Oompa-Loompas, now grooving to the tunes of Hugh Grant!

At our own little factory of dreams, we're sprinkling a dash of Wonka magic, and we're more excited than Charlie on that extraordinary morning to bring you our exclusive new Wonka merchandise including scrumptious Wonka T-Shirts and dresses that'll have you looking as delightful as a Fizzy Lifting Drink tastes!

So, whether you're a lifelong fan or just discovering the wonders of the Wonka world, celebrate the return of this candy-coated legend and unwrap the magic with our official Wonka merch – because life is sweeter when it's Willy Wonka style!

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December 7th 2023

Mom, They’ve Hatched! Our Exclusive New Gremlins Clothing Is Now Live...

What are these, Billy? They're Gremlins, Kate. Just like Mr Futterman said...

Oh yes! We're taking you right back to 1984, when the fun, the chaos and the most mischievous critters ever hit our screens and entered your hearts with our all-new and exclusive collection of Gremlins merchandise!

We're bringing all you fans of this cult 80s classic movie some serious nos-STYLE-ga with our latest collection of Gremlins clothing including smock dresses and T-Shirt dresses that are sure to shake up your collection.

To really show them off in style, we took a trip to our local screen to grab some shots (no Snow White this time though!) with plenty of snacks so take a closer look at these wicked new styles that are bringing all the fun...

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December 5th 2023

Deck the Halls with Bargains: 12 Fun Stocking Filler Under £5

Hey, busy Elves on a mission for epic stocking fillers under £5! Join the festive fun and dive into our treasure trove of geeky, retro, and downright cool stocking fillers.

Bursting at the seams, our collection brings you a whole heap of unique and budget-friendly gems, including official mugs, games, gadgets, socks, and a sleigh-load more!

Select the perfect gift that screams, "Hey, you're awesome, and I totally get you!" Whether it's their favourite TV shows, movies, games, or characters, we've got the goods to spread holiday cheer without breaking the bank. Get ready to be the gift-giving MVP this year!

Back To The Future Socks

Back To The Future Socks

Get ready to zoom them at 88 mph in ultimate comfort while flaunting their love for the greatest movies ever. Rocking the iconic 80s logo, these Back to the Future socks are the perfect treat for a subtle fandom with tousers, or all-out geeky cool in shorts season.

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December 4th 2023

Bring Wonder To Your Writing With The Magical New Loungefly Stationery

Stationery fans... take note and get set for the ultimate stationery glow-up with our vibrant collection of notepads, pens, pencil cases, and more in the magical new Loungefly stationery collection!

Whether you're into quirky, colourful, or classic styles, we're bringing some extra wow to your writing with brand-new official styles featuring Disney, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, and more, all packed with amazing detail and charm.

Get ready to elevate your workspace, dazzle at school, or bring fandom flair home and unleash the ultimate fusion of function and style! Check out our latest additions that you're sure to file under 'must-have!'.

Disney Stationery

Okay, so where have these been all our lives? Packed with more Disney charm and we're sure your average desk could bear the weight of, our hearts are set to 'warmed' with this magical new collection of Disney stationery from Loungefly!

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December 1st 2023

Snuggle in Style with Our Must-Have Retro Hoodies, Sweaters, and More!

Winter's almost here and we don't know about you, but for us, it's totally time to cosy up!

One thing's for sure though, we never let the cold and dark months dampen our style and love for our all-time favourite characters, TV shows,  movies and more which is why we're always creating retro hoodies, sweatshirts and knitwear that never fail to bring the warm feeling of nostalgia too.

If you're feeling the big chill, get yourself all wrapped up in nostalgia with our ever-growing collection of winter warmers that are as perfect for raising a smile as they are your temperature when things get cold.

Care Bears Snow Scene Knitted Jumper

Care Bears Snow Scene Knitted Jumper

Get ready to snuggle in style with this frosty, fun wonderland scene! Step into the magic of Care-A-Lot! Our cosy Care Bears Snow Scene Knitted Jumper, starring your fave G1 Care Bears that's pure winter bliss.

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November 29th 2023

Packed With Nostalgia: Tuck Into Our Exclusive New Retro Lunch Boxes!

Say hello to our latest obsession... our exclusive new retro lunch boxes that have just landed!

So much more than a humble way to carry your snacks from A to B, they are a total trip down memory lane to the dinner halls at school tucking into your tasty treat with your besties.

Inspired by the very lunch boxes we used growing up, we're bringing all those memories flooding right back with vintage-style designs featuring nostalgic favourites including Care Bears, Wallace and Gromit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sesame Street!

Not only will these store your lunchtime goodies, but they're sure to unpack endless childhood memories with every meal. Take a closer look at our latest and totally exclusive styles now available to snap up!

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