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June 28th 2024

Exclusive Pride 2024 Charity T-Shirts Now Live At TruffleShuffle!

Celebrating love in all its magical forms, we're back with another totally loved-up collection of Pride charity T-shirts, designed specifically for Pride (and beyond of course) featuring some of the most beloved classic characters ever!

A vibrant celebration of the ongoing fight for inclusivity and acceptance, we're so excited to launch our exclusive Pride 2024 charity collection featuring the whimsical Moomins, the always colourful Elmer and the totally loved-up Care Bears who all embody the Pride message that all love is beautiful in its many forms.

With designs that are packed with colour and with a focus on spreading love, acceptance, and unity, not only do these look good, but they're doing good with 50% of profits being donated to the amazing Just Like Us charity to support the incredible work they do with young members of the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Get ready to wear your Pride on your sleeve (literally!) and let's create a world where everyone can express their true selves freely and without fear.

Shop our 2024 Pride clothing collection and find your perfect t-shirt that speaks to your heart and shares your Pride with the world.

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May 8th 2024

Suns Out, Tees On! The Coolest T-Shirts for Hot Weather

It's finally here! Breaking free from what feels like years of cold and wet days snuggled into our sweaters with a cuppa... okay it's not so bad, huh, we're finally embracing the brighter, warmer days ahead which means one thing... it's cool t-shirt weather!

If there is one thing that really make us all happy at Truffle Towers, it's getting to rock our favourite T-Shirts for all to see. A chance to share our latest styles with the world and spread a little fandom and joy one wear at a time.


If you're looking to give your own collection a little refresh so you're looking and feeling every bit ready to celebrate the sunshine while it lasts, make sure you're doing it in total style with our ever-growing collection of cool shirts and tops featuring some of the most iconic and nostalgic characters, titles and more.

From cartoon t-shirts with colour, band t-shirts bringing the noise or movie t-shirts for a bit of drama to your day, check out our top picks available right now!

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March 24th 2024

Spring Forward With Our Exclusive New TruffleShuffle x Care Bears Clothing!

Spring has officially sprung and we all know what that means... it's time to embrace the brighter days ahead full of colour and magic with some paw-fectly delightful pastel picks!

Let your style blossom this year with our all-new and oh-so-adorable collection of exclusive Care Bears clothing including cosy cardigans, flowy dresses and the ultimate accessory, a Loungefly bag - all featuring your favourite retro G1 bears!

Inspired by the noughties block colours that are totally on trend right now, we're bringing a little Care-a-lot magic to our collection with bright pastel colour, oversized styles, mesh fabrics and a whole lot of nostalgia!

Get ready to ride the rainbow this spring and adorn yourself with retro bliss with our all-new collection! Take a closer look...

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February 21st 2024

Foodie Fashion: Exclusie New Sweet Treats Featuring Your Favourite Childhood Classics!

Where food meets fashion, get ready to munch and crunch in total TruffleShuffle style with our latest tastily exclusive foodie T-Shirts and sweaters collection that's just been served!

Tuck into the flavour-packed fun with some true animated icons straight out of your childhood classics, paired with their all-time favourite treats.

The ultimate companions for your next binge-watching bonanza, take a closer look at this all-new mouthwatering collection...

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January 23rd 2024

Classic Characters Unleashed: Exclusive New Clothing With A Retro Rock Twist

Exciting new and oh-so-exclusive designs have just made their way onto the main stage at TruffleShuffle and we just had to shout about this awesome new lineup!

Get ready to crank up the coolness, because we've taken your all-time favourite characters, toys, and shows and given them a rockin' makeover!

Doing what we do best, we've brought some retro gems straight back into the limelight with our latest collection of cool T-Shirts and sweaters that channel a real band T-Shirt feel that totally screams 'I grabbed this at the merch table at the back'.

Get ready to rock some of our childhood classics like never before with these latest retro T-Shirt styles that are sure to be crowd-pleasers!

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January 21st 2024

Exclusive TruffleShuffle Valentine's Day Styles Now Live & Sure To Steal Your Hearts!

Love is soaring through the air, and it's landed right in our exclusive Valentine's Day clothing collection - freshly flung by Cupid's bow onto the site!

Looking and feeling more loved up than ever, it's the perfect time to show some serious love to your most cherished characters with that unique TruffleShuffle twist.

A perfect love note for someone special or a sweet little tribute to your most-loved characters, dive into the 2024 Valentine's collection now and spread the love in style!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

What's this? Even more heart-warming ways to show your love for the iconic Tim Burton classic? You'd better believe it! Add a perfect blend of romance, nostalgia and spooky vibes to your collection with our loved-up new The Nightmare Before Christmas clothing.

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