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August 4th 2023

13 Halloween T-Shirts For The Ultimate Easy Costume In 2023!

As soon as the Jack O’Lanterns and faux cobwebs start appearing, we can feel our inner Winifred Sanderson in Hocus Pocus bubbling up and declaring “Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!” Yes, spooky season is truly a time of year like no other.

We can also admit though, that sometimes the extra stress of having to create the perfect Halloween costume can be a little much when all you want to do is keep things real simple, real cool and real spooky!

With that in mind, we’ve taken a new approach around our cauldrons this year at TruffleShuffle, stirring up some grotesquely great t-shirts that’ll make for quick but cacklingly cool looks from our ever-growing collection of Halloween T-Shirts. Perfect to see you through the celebrations - and beyond - in total spooky style…

Spooky Care Bears Vintage Wash Charcoal T-Shirt

Spooky Care Bears Vintage Wash Charcoal T-Shirt

Kicking off strong with one tee that was a spooktacular hit in the run-up to Halloween last year, our spooky-themed Care Bears Halloween T-Shirt. It’s not hard to see why really, with the cute but creepy costumes of a mummy and a pumpkin adorning two original G1 bears, that’d be ideal attire for trick or treating!

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August 18th 2023

12 Untouchable 80s Films That Should Never Be Remade - As Voted By You!

Hold onto your popcorn movie fans, because we've got a question that's juicier than a pineapple pizza debate: in this era of bringing back classic flicks like retro fashion, which movies should be declared off-limits for remakes?

Seriously, let's put on our director's hats and chat about the cinematic treasures that are like unicorns—unique, magical, and should never be messed with so if anything, your official movie t-shirts will never go out of flavour!

To find out, we put this question to the die-hard movie fans we know... you guys over on our Facebook and Instagram stories and these are the results!

Back to the Future

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April 19th 2023

12 Unique Housewarming Gifts We Bet They'll Totally Love

As so many of us know all too well, moving can be one of the biggest milestones in life, bringing a lot of work and stress, but also a whole love of fun, adventure and memories with it.

While they may have just finished unboxing all their worldly possessions into their exciting new pad, we're damn sure they won't say no to unboxing a little something special from you to help them mark this special moment.

To help you turn their house into a home and add a little extra flavour to their space so it totally screams 'them', we've picked out some fun, unique and handy housewarming gifts that we know they will totally love. Check them out!

Wallace and Gromit Gromit Shaped Plant Pot

Wallace and Gromit Gromit Shaped Plant Pot

Who better to have with them in their new place than the paw-fect housemate Gromit?! Always there to help out and guaranteed to bring some fun to their space, them to this adorable Gromit Shaped Plant Pot.

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January 10th 2023

Our Latest Vintage T-Shirts Guaranteed To Shake Up Your Outfit

As huge lovers of all things old-school cool and enjoying nothing more than getting to spread our love for the iconic and totally timeless movies, TV shows, music and cartoons we grew up with and beyond, we're always working to bring you the best collection of vintage t-shirts and clothing that we know will totally rock your style.

About as far removed from the world of fast fashion as you can get, we make sure our ever-growing collection of retro t-shirts will stand the test of time because... well they already have!

A totally sure-fire way to shake up your style and inject some old-school cool into your collection, check out our latest range of awesome vintage tees featuring some totally iconic brands, titles, characters and more.

Kellogg's Frosties They're Great Tony Tiger Natural T-Shirt

After something truly Grrrrreat? (couldn't resist) Then grab a spoon and get stuck into our latest Kellogg's Frosties Tony Tiger T-Shirt.  A total household name and a vintage icon who's been on the breakfast table since the 50s, share your love for classic branding and awesome taste in brekkie!

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June 17th 2022

10 TruffleShuffle Essentials You Need To Survive The Heatwave☀️

March 25th 2022

Spring Into Life With Our Top Vintage TShirts 🌻

It's official, Spring has officially sprung and we're feeling all kinds of joy as we can begin to once again rock our favourite vintage t-shirts out in the wild once more!

With longer, warmer days now setting in, we're absolutely determined to come out of our Winter hibernation in total style and showcase some of our best-loved and totally awesome (not that we're biased!) collection of cool t-shirts including plenty of fresh new designs that we know you'll love too.

Featuring a whole plethora of the coolest movies, cartoons, bands, TV shows, characters and so much more, we've hand-picked some of our favourite retro t-shirts for adults to help kick-start your t-shirt season in style. Check them out!

Women's Rainbow Brite And Sprites White Fitted T-Shirt

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