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May 23rd 2024

Cowabunga! TruffleShuffle x TMNT 40th Anniversary Clothing Collection Now Live

TMNT fans! Can you believe it? The most rad reptiles to ever grace a comic strip and, of course, our TV screens are turning 40 years old which can mean only one thing in our world... exclusive new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirts and clothing!

First created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman back in 1984 as a comic series, the TMNT crew along with master Splinter and ally April O'Neil have since become global icons with a seven-season cartoon and over 7 movies (depending on how you qualify them).

A true favourite here at TruffleShuffle, we couldn't resist showing our love for the legendary four and co with some exclusive new TMNT T-Shirts, sweaters and T-Shirt dresses that we know you'll be itching to shell out for.

Ninja-kick some Turtle style into your wardrobe this summer and beyond with our latest styles available right now!

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November 3rd 2023

Style Your Way To A Merry Christmas In Our Exclusive Christmas Clothing!

It's that time of year! With Christmas just around the corner and many of us eagerly waiting to open that first door on our advent calendar of choice, we're talking all things Christmas clothing! You can never be too prepared, right?

Making sure you're ready to sleigh the holiday season with the cosiest and coolest Christmas sweaters and Christmas t-shirts that are straight out of our very own Santa's workshop, we've picked out some of our latest styles that are waiting to become the crowing jewel of our festive outfit.

Packed with exclusive styles featuring your favourite movies, cartoons, characters and more, shop our latest xmas styles to find the perfect look for you!

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October 25th 2023

11 Totally Geeky Novelty Christmas Jumpers You'll Actually Want To Wear This Year

It's no secret that here at Truffle Towers, we bloomin' love a novelty Christmas jumper... or ten!

Vibrant, snuggly, and just plain fun, those quirky, yuletide-themed knits quickly become our favourite wardrobe staples as soon as the festive season set rolls around.

Never failing to bring the seasons greetings with their funky styles, bright colours and warming nostalgia, our collection of Christmas jumpers has never been so cool, so retro and so ready for you to discover!

Packed with totally exclusive styles not available anywhere else and brimming with TruffleShuffle style, we've picked out some of our top picks we know will have you feeling festive, and looking awesome! Take a peep...

Care Bears Snow Scene Knitted Jumper

Care Bears Snow Scene Knitted Jumper

Step into the enchanting world of Care-A-Lot this winter. Prepare to snuggle up in style with this perky Care Bears Knitted Jumper featuring your favourite G1 bears straight from the '80s. They're all bundled up in a winter wonderland of fun and snowflakes. Get ready to spread some bear-y warmth and love!

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April 17th 2023

You Asked, We Listened - Our Exclusive New V-Neck T-Shirts Have Arrived!

You've been crying out for them, and here they are! We're so thrilled to finally be releasing our all-new and all-flattering collection of v-neck T-Shirts featuring some of the most iconic, retro and downright nostalgic characters, movies, cartoons and more!

A total wardrobe staple, we know just how versatile a well-shaped v-neck tee can be which is why we just had to give them the TruffleShuffle treatment and adorn them with some of our favourite and best-loved prints ever.

But what makes them so special?

Not only do they feature the coolest prints and titles ever, but we've also listened to everything you asked for and created something we know will be music to so many ears as they...

> Feature a classic v-neck shape that's not too high, not too low. Just right.

> Have longer-length sleeves that aren't too fitted.

> Have a looser size hem at a longer length to make this flowier and suit a wider range of body types and style choices.

> Come in our super-soft 100% cotton jersey fabric that offers breathability without being see-through.

Don't just take our word for it though, check out our complete new collection below and pick out your very favourites!

Women's Care Bears Black V-Neck T-Shirt

Women's Care Bears Black V-Neck T-Shirt

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January 24th 2023

20 Cool Valentine's Day Gifts For Him He'll Geek Out Over

Valentine's is back again so soon? Yep, that one ray of sunshine that's beaming its way into the cold and darkness of Winter we call Valentine's Day is fast approaching which means the hunt for the best Valentine's Day gifts for him around is officially on!

We know all too well just how tricky it can be to find something they'll love but fear not weary gift seeker, we are so ready to rock their world this year with our huge collection of awesome Valentine's gifts for him that he'll totally love and geek out over.

With awesome pyjamas, mugs, socks, homewares and more featuring their favourite cult movies, TV shows, cartoons and games, pick them up something they'll cherish all year round with our top picks for geeky (and totally cool!) guys!

DC Comics Superman Shaped Handle Mug

What better way to show them they're the Clark Kent to your Lois Lane than with this mighty Superman logo mug! One cuppa in this awesome 3D mug and they'll feel every bit a superhero that's ready for anything.

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November 30th 2022

Our Latest Awesomely Geeky Christmas Jumpers!

We all know it just wouldn't be Christmas without getting to rock the cheesiest, most ugly... but at the same time totally awesome Christmas Jumpers, right?

Christmas is the perfect time to let loose, get a little weird and wild and totally celebrate the people and things that make you smile which is why we're always here to bring you some of the wackiest, bold and totally geeky novelty Christmas jumpers that are sure to make a scene... and we don't mean a nativity one!

Geek up your festive season with some top picks from our latest cheesy Christmas jumpers featuring some of the most iconic and retro shows and characters that will know will totally raise a smile for all your fans out there.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Knitted Christmas Jumper

It's time to show your status as an alumnus of the great Monster Academy of New York City Dump... and in total festive style! Throw it right back to the 90s with this out there and totally wacky Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Knitted Christmas Jumper.

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