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April 2nd 2024

Spellbinding Style: Exploring The Latest Loungefly Harry Potter Bags

Welcome, fellow witches and wizards!

If you're forever on the lookout for even more ways to bring your every day close to the magical world of Hogwarts, we're right there with you and we've got just the ticket with our huge collection of official Harry Potter merchandise!

Ready to join us on an adventure to explore the latest treats from our ever-growing Loungefly Harry Potter bag collection?

Just as if you'd snapped these up from the cobblestone streets of Diagon Alley to wear under the towering spires of Hogwarts Castle, these Loungefly bags are more than accessories, they're your portal to a magical realm where style meets fantasy.

So grab your broomsticks, dust off your robes, and join us as we uncover the secrets and charms of these truly enchanting treasures!

Loungefly Luna Lovegood Harry Potter Mini Backpack

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January 17th 2024

Top Loungefly Sale Backpacks Up To 58% Off You'll Want To Snap Up Right Now!

Is there any better feeling than unboxing your latest Loungefly, thinking up ways and where to style it up and then finally getting to share your new treat with the world? Well, we sure as heck don't think so!

If you're with us, you're in for a total treat as we're bringing you some of the coolest bags and backpacks for a whole lot less with our dreamy collection of Loungefly sale bags that are on a whopping discount with up to 58% off!

Get them while they're hot though, once these are gone, they're gone! Check out some of our top picks we hope you'll love a whole lot, for a whole lot less...

Loungefly Care Bears And Cousins Lunch Box Crossbody Bag

Featuring the classic G1 bears and Care Bear Cousins like Brave Heart Lion and Cozy Heart Penguin, this Loungefly Care Bears And Cousins Lunch Box Crossbody Bag is a nostalgic blast. Completed with an adjustable shoulder strap and a cute handle, it's perfect for picnics in the Forest of Feelings!

Now £55.99 (30% off)

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November 8th 2023

10 Must-Have Fun Christmas Decorations to Create Your Ultimate Geeky Winter Wonderland

Tis the season... to get totally festive and completely geeky!

We all know there is never a bad time let the love for your favourite movies, shows, cartoons and the characters that make them great shine bright, but Christmas just feels like the best time of all.

Looking for xmas decs that are a little different this year? Something extra cool? Say goodbye to the same old, humdrum Christmas tree decorations and say hello to a tree that's out of this world!

Perfect to help you turn your home into a Winter wonderland of epic proportions, check out our top geeky Christmas decorations you need to spice up your tree!

Gremlins Gizmo In Fairy Lights Hanging Decoration

Gremlins Gizmo In Fairy Lights Hanging Decoration

Uh-oh! Those mischievous gremlins are at it again, and this time they've turned Gizmo into the cutest Christmas tree ornament you've ever seen! The perfect addition to your holiday festivities, this quirky Gremlins Gizmo Hanging Decoration captures the magic of everyone's favourite Mogwai, all decked out in a Santa hat and ready to spread some holiday cheer.

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April 19th 2023

12 Unique Housewarming Gifts We Bet They'll Totally Love

As so many of us know all too well, moving can be one of the biggest milestones in life, bringing a lot of work and stress, but also a whole love of fun, adventure and memories with it.

While they may have just finished unboxing all their worldly possessions into their exciting new pad, we're damn sure they won't say no to unboxing a little something special from you to help them mark this special moment.

To help you turn their house into a home and add a little extra flavour to their space so it totally screams 'them', we've picked out some fun, unique and handy housewarming gifts that we know they will totally love. Check them out!

Wallace and Gromit Gromit Shaped Plant Pot

Wallace and Gromit Gromit Shaped Plant Pot

Who better to have with them in their new place than the paw-fect housemate Gromit?! Always there to help out and guaranteed to bring some fun to their space, them to this adorable Gromit Shaped Plant Pot.

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March 20th 2023

Celebrating Hufflepuff Pride Day With Our Top Potter Picks!

Happy Hufflepuff Pride Day! Every year, the 20th of March is a special day for Harry Potter devotees everywhere, particularly Potterheads who happen to be placed by the Sorting Hat into Hufflepuff house.

Like with the other Hogwarts House Prides, Hufflepuff Pride Day is an annual day with a focus on celebrating being part of all things Hufflepuff, embracing the history of the house, its past members - Cedric Diggory, for one - and celebrating their key qualities of kindness, loyalty and a good work ethic. To help you celebrate in style we've put together a special edit of some magnificent Hufflepuff merch to show your house pride off today and all year round!

Harry Potter Hufflepuff House Grey V-Neck Knitted Jumper

Harry Potter Hufflepuff House Grey V-Neck Knitted Jumper

This Hufflepuff jumper is perhaps one of our favourite picks; it's not only super soft and warm - something that's much needed at Hogwarts, given central heating wasn't on the mind of its four founders (brrrr! ) but we love the simple and effective use of the yellow house colours on the collar, hem and cuffs, and the embroidered detailing of the badge on the left breast, meaning you can wear it casually as an extra layer, or more smartened up over your Hogwarts uniform!

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February 24th 2023

We're Lovin' It! 🍔 Loungefly March Is Here....

Our incredible picks from the Loungefly March collection have just hit our shelves and it's safe to say... we’re lovin' it!

With so many truly awesome Loungefly bags with all-new styles, shapes and titles available to snap up from the likes of McDonald's, Harry Potter, Paul Frank and so many more greats, check out all the latest collections and shop your favourite pieces before they go...

Three McDonalds Loungefly bags on a red tray

Giving us all those magical, feel-good vibes we had growing up and getting our hands on a Happy Meal full of tasty treats, we have these totally incredible new Loungefly McDonald's bags! Bringing all kinds of fun and nostalgia to your day, these will surely have your inner child smiling from ear to ear with every wear.

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