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July 18th 2024

Celebrating the Most Ink-credible Labyrinth Tattoos for National Tattoo Day!

"It's only forever, not long at all" - Every true fan of the iconic 80s film Labyrinth starring the legendary David Bowie knows and loves this classic quote. It might also be something that crosses your mind in that moment right before you get inked with something incredibly cool... eeek!

Today we're saying 'ello!' to National Tattoo Day which is celebrated each year on the 17th of July. This day is dedicated to appreciating and recognising the amazing artistry of tattoos and the skilled tattoo artists who create them.

Not only that, it provides an opportunity for people everywhere to showcase their tattoos, share their tattoo stories, and celebrate body art as a form of personal expression. What's not to love about that?

A few weeks ago, in true 80s-loving style, we sent out a call for anyone with Labyrinth-inspired tattoos to share them with us, and wow, you delivered!

We received hundreds of stunning tattoos from fans around the world, and to celebrate this special day, we're sharing some of our absolute favourites. Trust us, you won't want to miss these magical masterpieces!

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January 30th 2024

Where Storytelling Meets Style: Exclusive New Labyrinth & The Dark Crystal Clothing!

We can hear it now, the click and clunk of the VHS tape being eaten up into the tape player, while we ready ourselves to leap right back into the world of fantasy, puppets and endlessly enjoyable adventure! Ahh good times.

Bringing us some of the best-loved stories, characters and visual masterpieces that have captured our hearts, we're throwing ourselves right back into the fantasy with our latest Labyrinth T-Shirts and The Dark Crystal clothing that features iconic prints and washed vintage styles for some real throwback vibes.

Looking to step back into the weird and wonderful worlds of Jim Henson? Add some movie magic to your collection now with our latest clothing!

Packed with the vintage charm you've come to expect, these all-new designs feature iconic artwork from this 80s cult classic, reimagined with some TruffleShuffle magic. Naturally!

Fresh from our design bods, pick up our tarot card style print available in both a tie-dye t-shirt and navy sweater, or get the 'been there, got the t-shirt look' with our Come and Visit The Labyrinth prints that we know will turn your world upside down!

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November 3rd 2023

Style Your Way To A Merry Christmas In Our Exclusive Christmas Clothing!

It's that time of year! With Christmas just around the corner and many of us eagerly waiting to open that first door on our advent calendar of choice, we're talking all things Christmas clothing! You can never be too prepared, right?

Making sure you're ready to sleigh the holiday season with the cosiest and coolest Christmas sweaters and Christmas t-shirts that are straight out of our very own Santa's workshop, we've picked out some of our latest styles that are waiting to become the crowing jewel of our festive outfit.

Packed with exclusive styles featuring your favourite movies, cartoons, characters and more, shop our latest xmas styles to find the perfect look for you!

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August 25th 2023

Dress to Impress: 10 Trending Dresses At TruffleShuffle That Will Rock in Your Collection!

If you're on the hunt for stunning dresses that aren't just clothes, but time machines that whisk you back to your most cherished moments and show you love for those iconic movies and characters you grew up with, you're in for a treat!

With our style radar turned all the way up, we've handpicked the creme de la creme from our ever-growing treasure trove of women's dresses.

So, whether you're a Disney devotee, a retro lover, or just someone who knows that dressing up is a celebration of life, get ready to strut your stuff and show the world that you're not just keeping up with trends – you're setting them!

Let's see which styles reign supreme in our current collection of dress goodness...

Labyrinth Character Maze Black T-Shirt Dress

Labyrinth Character Maze Black T-Shirt Dress

Diving straight in with the ultimate 80s classic, Labyrinth! We're showing our love for the amazing assembly of quirky and fantastical friends that Sarah makes during her heroic quest to rescue her baby brother from the clutches of the wicked Goblin King on our stunning Labyrinth T-Shirt Dress. You just can't help but love the bold front print and logo, right?

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July 27th 2023

Get Ready To Say ELLO To Our Updated Exclusive Labyrinth x Loungefly Backpack!

He's nearly here, folks! The clock is certainly ticking away as we build up to the long-awaited launch of our upcoming and highly-anticipated Loungefly Labyrinth backpack featuring the fan favourite, the worm!

Since we first revealed him earlier this year, we've given him a few TruffleShuffle tweaks to hopefully even further capture his charm with updated face details and fluffy head finish. See for yourself!

Complete with lovingly embroidered back detail of your favourite worm with his signature quote, we have so many more details just waiting to be discovered.

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August 18th 2023

12 Untouchable 80s Films That Should Never Be Remade - As Voted By You!

Hold onto your popcorn movie fans, because we've got a question that's juicier than a pineapple pizza debate: in this era of bringing back classic flicks like retro fashion, which movies should be declared off-limits for remakes?

Seriously, let's put on our director's hats and chat about the cinematic treasures that are like unicorns—unique, magical, and should never be messed with so if anything, your official movie t-shirts will never go out of flavour!

To find out, we put this question to the die-hard movie fans we know... you guys over on our Facebook and Instagram stories and these are the results!

Back to the Future

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