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December 12th 2023

15 Funny Mugs They'll Love For The Ultimate Gifting Inspo

The one question we're left wondering each morning while tucking into our brekkie with our favourite mug in tow... who needs a dull morning brew when you can sip from a novelty mug that brings a smile each day? No one, that's who!

Surely the hottest gift idea that will never get cold, old or fail to put a spring in their step with every cuppa, we're serving our latest brew of seriously funny mugs that we know will make for the perfect gift for the fun-loving coffee (or tea!) lovers in your life.

Check out our ultimate guide to the best cool mugs available on our site right now!

Father Ted Inspired Ah Go On Mug

Father Ted Inspired Ah Go On Mug

In the zany world of Father Ted, you can bet Mrs. Doyle's tea trolley is never far away, ready to dish out her signature weak milky brew. Ahh bliss! Inspired by her iconic "Will you have a cup of tea? Aaah, go on" catchphrase, our Father Ted Inspired Ah Go On Mug will bring the fun to their collection and morning cuppa. Just keep it away from a Teasmaid – Mrs. Doyle relishes the misery of tea making!

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September 18th 2023

Spook Up Your Style With Our Latest Halloween Loungefly Bags

Who's ready to get spooky?!

Bringing you some real treats - and absolutely no tricks - our latest collection of spine-chillingly spooktacular bags, wallets and accessories from Loungefly are totally here to take flight with you on your broomstick this Halloween!

Featuring some of the creepiest, most haunting and all-out terrifyingly cool Loungefly bags ever, our latest Halloween Loungefly bags have escaped the crypt of cool and are ready to be chased down and taken back to your very own dungeons.

To keep your spooky style as sharp as a razer, we've picked out some of our top and best-loved Loungefly styles for you to rock this Halloween and beyond!

Loungefly Halloween Michael Myers Cosplay Mini Backpack

Loungefly Halloween Michael Myers Cosplay Mini Backpack

Perfect for fans who love their nightmares brought to life! Featuring his creepy face that glows in the dark for added impact that'll send your heartbeat racing, chase down our Loungefly Halloween Michael Myers Backpack that's already a total hit this Halloween!

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October 3rd 2023

Fright Fest: Your Ultimate Guide to the Top 12 Classic Halloween Movies

When it's Halloween time, you know exactly what's on the menu - getting scared senseless with some good ol' classic horror movies. We're talking about the kind that sends shivers racing down your spine, your heart thumping like a drum, and your hair standing on end. Yep, that's the stuff!

Sure, there's a whole buffet of horror flicks out there, but when those leaves start pirouetting gracefully to the ground and that eerie Halloween aura creeps in, you can bet your cauldron we're diving into the tried-and-true classics.

To help you really feast on the biggest, the best and the most screamingly awesome Halloween movies in town while rocking your very latest Halloween T-Shirts of course, we've picked out some of our top picks we just can't get enough of each spooky season.

Check out our top movie picks that will have you hiding behind the cushions this year... if you dare!

Scream (1996)

Kicking off SO strong with a total 90s classic. We're getting chillingly spooky this this cult icon. Set just one year after her mother's murder, a gutsy teenage gal finds herself in the middle of a nail-biting nightmare. A sinister, masked menace is on the loose, hell-bent on turning her and her buddies into the stars of their very own chilling cinematic showdown. It's a game of horror, where scary movies aren't just for entertainment – they're a deadly playbook!

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August 4th 2023

13 Halloween T-Shirts For The Ultimate Easy Costume In 2023!

As soon as the Jack O’Lanterns and faux cobwebs start appearing, we can feel our inner Winifred Sanderson in Hocus Pocus bubbling up and declaring “Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!” Yes, spooky season is truly a time of year like no other.

We can also admit though, that sometimes the extra stress of having to create the perfect Halloween costume can be a little much when all you want to do is keep things real simple, real cool and real spooky!

With that in mind, we’ve taken a new approach around our cauldrons this year at TruffleShuffle, stirring up some grotesquely great t-shirts that’ll make for quick but cacklingly cool looks from our ever-growing collection of Halloween T-Shirts. Perfect to see you through the celebrations - and beyond - in total spooky style…

Spooky Care Bears Vintage Wash Charcoal T-Shirt

Spooky Care Bears Vintage Wash Charcoal T-Shirt

Kicking off strong with one tee that was a spooktacular hit in the run-up to Halloween last year, our spooky-themed Care Bears Halloween T-Shirt. It’s not hard to see why really, with the cute but creepy costumes of a mummy and a pumpkin adorning two original G1 bears, that’d be ideal attire for trick or treating!

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July 14th 2023

15 Scary Cool Halloween Finds For Spooky Season And Beyond!

It's no secret that here at Truffle Towers, we just bloody love Halloween! 🎃

Not only do we get to stay in and watch horror movies (behind the pillows!) but we get to sink our pop-in vampire fangs into designing and bringing you a whole heap of spooktastic Halloween T Shirts, sweaters, accessories and more. Someone has to, right?

Featuring some of the most iconic movies and characters ever, we're always adding to our collection of Halloween clothing that know you'll totally be able to rock through the spooky season and beyond.

Get ready to open up our crypt of cool and check out some of our top Halloween finds to bring some extra weeny goodness to your week, whatever the season!

Beetlejuice Black and White Stripe Oversized Cardigan

Beetlejuice Black and White Stripe Oversized Cardigan

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February 1st 2023

15 Perfect Valentine's Gift Ideas For Movie Fans

When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for the special someone in your life, we sure know this can't always be as quick and easy as it seems!

It doesn't always have to be a complete struggle though and we've totally got you covered with our ever-growing collection of down-right cool, geeky and awesomely retro Valentine's day gifts that are sure to raise a smile and let them know you totally get them and all their weird and wonderful fandoms.

On the lookout for the perfect gifts for the movie buff in your life this year? Get ready to shout lights, camera, ACTION on your gifting with our range of awesome Valentine's gifts for movie fans!

1) Jurassic Park Socks

Jurassic Park Socks

Guaranteed to be the pair they'll be looking to dig up out of their sock drawer, add some 90s movie cool to their day in total style with these official Jurassic Park socks featuring the iconic logo.

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