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18-08 - Top Picks

Doctor Who Gifts and Homewares

Doctor Who, the long running British sci-fi series has been on the BBC has been around forever! In fact, Doctor Who has been around so long that the Time Lord himself would have to travel back in time 50 years to see the first episode aired in 1963. Since then we have seen The Doctor battle all forms of alien evil such as Daleks, Cybermen and modern terrors like the Weeping Angels.

From classic Doctors like Tom Baker to our personal favourite David Tennant the Doctor has continued to thrill through time to present day. How long will he be around? As long as the TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space) keeps appearing off the face of the earth we will never know. After the destruction of Gallifrey during the Time War the Doctor was left as the last of the Time Lords, destined to keep saving Earth for better or for worse!

Support the Doctor and explore our men's Dr Who clothing & gifts for him such as our DW TARDIS quotes t shirt, for everything that is Dr Who we have got you covered! Female Doctor Who fans no need to feel left out, we've have gone back in time to bring you classic tribute Dr Who t-shirts and gifts for her! If that doesn't take your fancy or you're looking to buy a gift for your little ones, why not transport yourself to another universe and get involved with our kids Doctor Who bedding for boys and girls of all ages.

Shop online for Doctor Who clothing, mugs and accessories and built up the time lord race once again, order online today at Truffle Shuffle.

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