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'Catch That Pepsi Spirit!' Initially known as 'Brad's Drink', Pepsi was created all the way back in 1898 and after a speedy re-brand as Pepsi-Cola, it was an instant smash hit! The Coca-Cola competitor has delighted millions over the decades ever since (after all, it is the choice of a 'new generation'). If you gotta have it, you'll fizz with delight when you see our official Pepsi T-Shirts with their wicked, retro-style artwork, from brands like Chunk. The perfect way to show some old-school love for the soda staple!


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3 to be exact! 😉
Pepsi Wild Cherry Lip Balm
Pepsi Wild Cherry Lip Balm £2.99

In Stock
Pepsi Lip Balm
Pepsi Lip Balm £2.99

In Stock
Pepsi Set Of 5 Lip Balms Gift Can
Pepsi Set Of 5 Lip Balms Gift Can £12.99

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