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Directed by The Muppets creator Jim Henson and produced by George Lucas, the 1986 fantasy film Labyrinth is pretty much the definition of cult classic - and boy, do we have some treats for you to celebrate this magnificent '80s movie, with our Labyrinth clothing and gifts! Featuring a print of the legendary David Bowie in all his retro glory as Goblin King Jareth, our cool black and white 'You Remind Me of the Babe' T-Shirt captures one of the most-loved scenes of the film (perfect attire for your own magic dance!) and our movie poster or flyer-style print tees are a great find for mega-fans. Should you need some of the loveable critters and creatures that young Sarah encounters, our tees and tops feature quirky characters like Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus! We have a soft spot for Worm, who (though he's not all that helpful, bless him!) generously offers Sarah a cup of tea during her labyrinthine quest - treat your own cuppa kindly with our Worm Mug or say 'Ello' to our Labyrinth Worm T-Shirt, vest, jumper or tote bag! Tons of TruffleShuffle-exclusive designs, for all you precious things...


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Women's Crystal Ball Bowie Labyrinth Body-Con Dress
Women's Crystal Ball Bowie Labyrinth Body-Con Dress

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Labyrinth Sarah And Jareth Maze Sweater
Labyrinth Sarah And Jareth Maze Sweater£44.99£29.99

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