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December 1st 2022 by Iain

20 Most Unique & Fun Stocking Fillers For Women

What's not to love about Christmas? Getting to stay up late, eating mini meals between meals, enjoying your favourite movies in your cosy pyjamas and on top of that... getting a whole heap of gifts in a stocking from Santa!

Whether you're playing Santa this year for your special lady or just hoping he'll pop in on Christmas Eve, we know it's always good to have a backup plan which is why we're bringing you a whole heap of fun, retro and novelty stocking fillers for her.

Packed with fun beauty treats, cosy socks, games and more that she'll just love to find and unwrap on Christmas morning, pick up the perfect treats for your gal in your life with our range of stocking fillers for her!

Check out some of our very best with our top 20 finds...

Women's Wonder Woman Fleece Socks

Saving the world on a daily basis sure can be tough old work so why not let them cosy up after a long day being a hero in these thick and warm Wonder Women socks!

Moomin Moomintroll Light Up Keyring

Light up their key set and bring some Moomin magic to their day with this adorable Moomin Moomintroll Light Up Keyring. etc keyhole finder.

Gremlins Gizmo Slipper Socks

Perfect addition to their next movie night in and sure to be ones they will want to live in, add some 80s charm to their collection of cosy garms with these fun and oh-so warm Gremlins Gizmo Slipper Socks. Just make sure they know the rules...

Disney Hocus Pocus Bubble Elixir

Let them relax after a long day of hard work and sorcery with this enchanting Hocus Pocus Bubble Elixir. A perfect treat that will have them forgetting all about Thackery Binx with the scent of velvet plum and vanilla.

Care Bears Kiss Socks

Is there such a thing as too many cute socks? We sure don't think so and if you think they will agree, our exclusive Care Bears Kiss Socks. Paw-fect find for all the Care Bears fans out there.

Disney Lilo and Stitch Stitch Earrings

If they're a bit of a Disney aficionado, they're going to surely love a big of Stich! A total legend of 00s Disney and beyond, add a touch of magic to their day with these cute Lilo and Stitch Stitch Earrings.

Disney Villains Ursula Sleep Mask from Mad Beauty

If they're anything like us, sleep is kind of a big deal so make sure they're always able to get 40 winks in total peace with this soft and let's face it... hilarious Ursula Sleep Mask.

Friends Peephole Photo Frame

Could this BE any more perfect for the Friends fan in your life? We sure don't think so and we know they will cry 'Oh. My. GAWD' when they unwrap this fun Friends Peephole Photo Frame.

Disney Princess Cinderella Foot Mask

A full day in glass slippers would be enough to test even the most dedicated of us, so make sure you treat your very own princess to some pampering with this fun and nourishing Cinderella Foot Mask.

Set of Three Star Wars Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scrunchies

A total 90s throwback and a great way to add some Star Wars love to their day all at once, your hunt for the perfect stocking willer for the Star Wars fan is over with these handy Set of Three Star Wars Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scrunchies.

Friends Turkey Shower Puff

Whether they're soaking in the tub Chandler style or getting caught in the shower just like a Joey, add some 90s and 00s vibes to their day with this neat Friends Turkey Shower Puff.

Retro Care Bears Mug

Sweeten up their cuppa break and bring all those childhood memories flooding back with every sip of their favourite brew in our exclusive Care Bears mug.

Toy Story Alien Socks

Plucked right our of our range of Disney gifts, they'll be totally animated when they unwrap these cosy Toy Story Alien socks. Sure to make them say oooOOOooo!

Gremlins Gizmo Enamel Pin Badge

Perfect for adding a touch of cult classic 80s to their outfit or accessories, give them a sprinkle of this black comedy classic with our Gremlins Gizmo Enamel Pin Badge.

Disney Hocus Pocus Bath Salts Trio

A perfect treat to really unwind after a day of spells and broomsticks, let them soak in their very own magical potion with our Hocus Pocus Bath Salts Trio.

Disney Pop Villains Cruella Colour Changing Lip Balm from Mad Beauty

Treat your own fashionista to some real Disney magic with this fun Cruella Colour Changing Lip Balm and watch it turn from black to pink in front of their eyes!

Super 00s Music Trivia Card Game

If they know their Girls Aloud from their Sugarbabes, they're going to love putting themselves and their friends to the ultimate music test with this tricky 00s Music Trivia Card Game.

Harry Potter Time Turner 3D Premium Keychain

Could they do with a little help to balance their work life and playtime? We're right there with them! Give them a gift of Potter magic capable of just that with this elegant Harry Potter Time Turner 3D Premium Keychain.

Mandalorian The Child Sheet Face Mask from Mad Beauty

Add a whole heap of fun to a pampering night in... Star Wars style with this geeky and oh-so-cool Mandalorian The Child Sheet Face Mask.

Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Eyeshadow Palette

Bring the magic of The Pumpkin King to their beauty routine with this sparklingly cool The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Eyeshadow Palette. 

Still on the search for the ideal stocking fillers for her? Head on over to for our complete collection that's packed with affordable and fun stocking fillers they'll love.