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October 11th 2023 by Iain

Get Ready to Care-a-Lot this Christmas: TruffleShuffle x Care Bears Collection Preview!

You’re invited to a Care Bears party!

Calling all you party animals who, just like the always colourful Care Bears themselves, are forever looking for an excuse to put your glad rags on for a good time and celebrate in style!

We're so excited to reveal our all-new and paw-fectly retro Care Bears party collection that is sure to become your essential party season style.

We've been working away to design and create an exclusive new collection that we know will have all you Care Bears fans dancing the night away with incredible new shapes to our collection including faux fur jackets and jumpsuits!

Check out this exciting new drop that's coming soon!

Remember the warm, fuzzy hugs from your favourite Care Bears? Now, you can wear that nostalgia all night long! We're so fuzzy with excitement to bring you our Care Bears pink faux fur jacket featuring a lovable Care Bear face on the front and a 'Care-A-Lot' heart on the back. A perfect find so you're always party-ready!

Get ready to show off your Care Bears love one swoosh at a time in our new Care Bears Grumpy Bear Skater Dress! We've decked out in Grumpy Bear's iconic pattern and designed for both style, comfort and practicality as yes... we included pockets! Perfect for all occasions, even when the clouds in Care-A-Lot look a little gloomy.

The first-ever TruffleShuffle jumpsuit has landed! This all-over cotton jersey print Care Bears Grumpy Bear Jumpsuit channels the moody charm of Grumpy Bear while offering a stylish and comfy look. With shoulder ties and tapered legs, it's perfect for your everyday style and bringing a smile to your face!

Even as the days grow shorter and nights get longer, you can still adorn your autumn wardrobe with the joy and colours of the Care Bears! Our Care Bears Long Sleeve T-Shirt features the iconic 'rainbow heart' design, perfect for those ever-changing weather days.

Did you spot the ultimate accessory too? Behold, the ultimate quirky and adorably retro Care Bears tote bag! Crafted with love, it's super-soft pink faux fur, featuring a 'Care-A-Lot' applique on the front. With a charming satin lining and ample space for your essentials, it's your go-to for carrying a piece of Care-A-Lot over the rainbow from day to night!

Care Bears Grumpy Bear All Over Print Black Scrunchie

Turn that frown upside down with our Care Bears scrunchie! Made from the same cotton jersey as our skater dress and jumpsuit, it's adorned with a fun Grumpy Bear print. Feel good about your hair tie game and go eco-friendly with our zero-waste scrunchie!

Care Bears Grumpy Bear All Over Print Black Pet Bandana

Even our furry friends can have their grumpy days, and we've got just the thing for them! Check out our Care Bears pet bandana, made from our spare fabric featuring Grumpy Bear's iconic print. Easily attach it to their collar and show some Care Bears love while reducing waste in the process. Win-win!

Pawing at your screens already to get your hands on this all-new collection? We're right there with you!

Head over to our full range of official Care Bears merchandise to discover all these and sign up to the waiting lists for your favourite pieces so you're the first to know as soon as they're up for grabs.