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March 12th 2024 by Iain

Celebrating 40 Years of Autobot Awesomeness: Exclusive New Clothing!

Can you believe it? Forty and still fighting strong, the totally iconic Robots in Disguise are very much still showing their metal a whopping 40 years since the action-packed cartoon 'The Transformers' first hit our screens and had us totally hooked.

Packing a total space alien robot punch, we just had to celebrate this awesome milestone with an all-new collection of official Transformers T-Shirts and clothing featuring freshly released classic imagery, cool monochrome prints and styles for everyone.

Whether you want to pledge your allegiance to the forces of good with Autobots or show your admiration for their mortal enemy, Megatron... don't disguise your excitement for our latest Transformers collection including dresses, cosy hoodies and cool t-shirts!

Transformers Decepticons 84 White and Red Ringer T-Shirt

Transformers Decepticons 84 White And Red Ringer T-Shirt

Get ready to roll out in true style with this oh-so-cool retro Transformers Decepticons 84 ringer T-Shirt that's the perfect gear for any die-hard Transformers fan! Launch yourself back into the epic battle between the iconic Autobots and their sinister Decepticons with this ace shirt that pays homage to the iconic '80s cartoon with its distressed varsity style "84" print, marking the year when the Transformers first blasted onto our TV screens.

Transformers Decepticons 84 Navy Sweater

Transformers Decepticons 84 Navy Sweater

Love that warm cosy feeling of nostalgia? Couple that with a super soft thick fabric and you've got our exclusive new Transformers Decepticons 84 sweater! Featuring two legends, Megatron and Optimus Prime along with their trusty sidekick, let the battle against those chills commence!

Transformers Comic Panel T-Shirt Dress

Transformers Comic Panel Black T-Shirt Dress

If you can recite the roster faster than Blurr zooms around Cybertron, then you're definitely part of the Autobots' inner circle! Get ready to rock this Transformers Comic Panel T-Shirt Dress, complete with a comic strip and POCKETS that'll have you feeling like you stepping out of your own Transformers adventure with every wear.

Transformers Comic Strip Black Hoodie

Transformers Comic Strip Black Hoodie

Crafted from the depths of Cybertron from high-grade cosy black fabric and equipped with a drawstring hood and front pouch, our Transformers Comic Strip hoodie is your go-to for kicking back after a long day of battling Decepticons. Whether you're thwarting Megatron's latest scheme or just chilling with your fellow Autobots, this hoodie has got you covered in style and comfort. Throw it on, relax, and let the Decepticons know that the Autobots aren't backing down anytime soon!

Transformers Comic Strip Black T-Shirt

Transformers Comic Strip Black T-Shirt

Transformers Robots In Disguise were such a hit that they even rocked their own comic series back in the '80s where the battles continued page after page. Tearing it up on the pages of their very own comic book, show your love for these total page-turners with our exclusive Transformers Comic Strip T-Shirt.

Transformers Retro Toys Grey T-Shirt

Transformers Retro Toys Ash Grey T-Shirt

Roll out with the ultimate alien squad in our vintage-style Transformers Retro Toys T-Shirt featuring the iconic toys you battle it out with back in the day. Total blast from the out-of-space past.

40 years on and still as awesome as ever, gear up to watch the upcoming movie 'Transformers One' like a toal Decepticon-beating legend you are with our exclusive new collection of official Transformers merchandise including all these styles and so much more.

Autobots fans... roll out!