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February 21st 2024

Foodie Fashion: Exclusie New Sweet Treats Featuring Your Favourite Childhood Classics!

Where food meets fashion, get ready to munch and crunch in total TruffleShuffle style with our latest tastily exclusive foodie T-Shirts and sweaters collection that's just been served!

Tuck into the flavour-packed fun with some true animated icons straight out of your childhood classics, paired with their all-time favourite treats.

The ultimate companions for your next binge-watching bonanza, take a closer look at this all-new mouthwatering collection...

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February 16th 2024

Exclusive New Anime Inspired T-Shirts For Saiko Style!

Never dull, constantly evolving and with an incredible wealth of characters, stories, action and adventure to dive into, the world of anime is one that will never fail to keep us glued to our screens and desperate for more!

Getting to bring together two of our biggest passions, we're so excited to reveal our all-new and exclusive anime clothing.

Whether you're a seasoned otaku or just dipping your toes into the anime universe, these new anime T-Shirts are sure to capture your heart and elevate your fashion game to legendary status.

So, grab your snacks, cue up your favourite anime soundtrack, and let's dive into the magic of these exclusive designs!

Akira Inspired Good For Health Bad For Education T-Shirt

Akira Inspired Good For Health Bad For Education Heather Red T-Shirt blogImage100

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February 8th 2024

It’s Scarin’ Time! Exclusive New Monsters Inc. Clothing Just Roared Onto TruffleShuffle

Happy birthday Monster's Inc! Turning a truly scary 22 years old today (yep... now we feel old!), we're rolling out the banners, blowing up the balloons and getting ready to shout happy BOO-thday in style with our all-new collection of official Monsters Inc. merchandise!

True TruffleShuffle ex-SCARE-lusives, we're taking you right back to the streets of Monstropolis in total style with new Monsters Inc. T-Shirts and sweaters featuring your favourite furry, slimy, slithery and oh-so-scary characters.

Your perfect excuse to re-watch this Pixar classic, not that you needed one, slide on into one of our latest additions to our collection of Disney clothes, check out our new styles just wanting to be gobbled up!

Disney Monsters Inc We Scare Because We Care Black T-Shirt

Disney Monsters Inc We Scare Because We Care Black T-Shirt

Step into the scream-powered city of Monstropolis with our epic Monsters Inc. tee! Featuring the iconic logo and tagline "We Scare Because We Care," it's a monochrome masterpiece packed with all your favourite monsters - Sulley, Mike, Roz, Celia, and the adorable Boo in her monster disguise! Get ready to unleash the nostalgia and join the fun in this must-have Monsters Inc. T-Shirt!

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January 26th 2024

Straight Out Of Cabot Cove And Into Your Collection! Exclusive New Murder She Wrote Clothing At TruffleShuffle

Hold onto your pen, magnifying glass, notepad and trusty typewriters, folks!Our achingly old-school cool collection of official Murder She Wrote T-Shirts, clothing and merchandise has just had a refresh and it's certainly given us something to write about!

The OG mystery marathon that ran for 11 thrilling years and blessed us with 12 epic seasons (that's a whopping 264 episodes!), remains the undisputed champ of classic TV icons. And guess what? The worldwide fan obsession is still going strong! Who can resist the allure of Jessica Fletcher's wit and the suspense of a good ol' murder mystery? Not us!

What's not to love too? Classic charm... yep! Incredible cast and characters? You betcha! Amazing storytelling, locations and plot twists? In spades!

We just had to bring a little of the magic back to your everyday style with our all-new collection of official Murder She Wrote T-Shirts and sweatshirts that are now no longer a mystery and ready to lock up in your collection!

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January 30th 2024

Where Storytelling Meets Style: Exclusive New Labyrinth & The Dark Crystal Clothing!

We can hear it now, the click and clunk of the VHS tape being eaten up into the tape player, while we ready ourselves to leap right back into the world of fantasy, puppets and endlessly enjoyable adventure! Ahh good times.

Bringing us some of the best-loved stories, characters and visual masterpieces that have captured our hearts, we're throwing ourselves right back into the fantasy with our latest Labyrinth T-Shirts and The Dark Crystal clothing that features iconic prints and washed vintage styles for some real throwback vibes.

Looking to step back into the weird and wonderful worlds of Jim Henson? Add some movie magic to your collection now with our latest clothing!

Packed with the vintage charm you've come to expect, these all-new designs feature iconic artwork from this 80s cult classic, reimagined with some TruffleShuffle magic. Naturally!

Fresh from our design bods, pick up our tarot card style print available in both a tie-dye t-shirt and navy sweater, or get the 'been there, got the t-shirt look' with our Come and Visit The Labyrinth prints that we know will turn your world upside down!

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January 21st 2024

Exclusive TruffleShuffle Valentine's Day Styles Now Live & Sure To Steal Your Hearts!

Love is soaring through the air, and it's landed right in our exclusive Valentine's Day clothing collection - freshly flung by Cupid's bow onto the site!

Looking and feeling more loved up than ever, it's the perfect time to show some serious love to your most cherished characters with that unique TruffleShuffle twist.

A perfect love note for someone special or a sweet little tribute to your most-loved characters, dive into the 2024 Valentine's collection now and spread the love in style!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

What's this? Even more heart-warming ways to show your love for the iconic Tim Burton classic? You'd better believe it! Add a perfect blend of romance, nostalgia and spooky vibes to your collection with our loved-up new The Nightmare Before Christmas clothing.

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