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December 5th 2023

Deck the Halls with Bargains: 12 Fun Stocking Filler Under £5

Hey, busy Elves on a mission for epic stocking fillers under £5! Join the festive fun and dive into our treasure trove of geeky, retro, and downright cool stocking fillers.

Bursting at the seams, our collection brings you a whole heap of unique and budget-friendly gems, including official mugs, games, gadgets, socks, and a sleigh-load more!

Select the perfect gift that screams, "Hey, you're awesome, and I totally get you!" Whether it's their favourite TV shows, movies, games, or characters, we've got the goods to spread holiday cheer without breaking the bank. Get ready to be the gift-giving MVP this year!

Back To The Future Socks

Back To The Future Socks

Get ready to zoom them at 88 mph in ultimate comfort while flaunting their love for the greatest movies ever. Rocking the iconic 80s logo, these Back to the Future socks are the perfect treat for a subtle fandom with tousers, or all-out geeky cool in shorts season.

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August 6th 2023

TruffleShuffle x Star Wars: Exclusive Clothing Has Just Landed!

Launching harder than a tie-fighter off a Star Destroyer on the way to intercept those pesky rebels, today on August Sith (6th), we're bringing you the coolest Star Wars T-Shirts and sweaters in all the galaxy!

Paying homage to the iconic intergalactic movies that threw us into the intergalactic battle between good and evil as well as showing our love for the cult classic 80s cartoon, Star Wars: Ewoks, we know all you Star Wars fans are going to roar like a Wookie with glee thanks to our latest exclusive Star Wars merchandise.

It's time to level up your collection of "tell me where you got that!" level cool t-shirts and cosy sci-fi sweaters with our latest collection that's just hit the site today. Take a look!

Your Emperor needs you! Just like something you just spotted on the walls of a local cantina, sign up to join the Empire and looking every bit the Star Wars fan you are with our exclusive new Star Wars The Galactic Empire Navy Sweater.

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May 4th 2023

10 Must-Have Star Wars Buys To Celebrate May The 4th Like A Jedi!

Happy May the 4th to all you rebels, Jedis, Ewoks and Wookies!

Another orbit around the sun (and whatever else is out there), May The 4th (As in... May the 4th be with you!) is here yet again and we are setting our sights on a jolly Star Wars movie marathon and some awesome merch perusing. Naturally!

With so many incredible characters now getting their time to shine on the big and small screen, there have never been more ways to share your love for this truly out-of-this-world space opera thanks to incredible Star Wars merchandise including cool T-Shirts, accessories, homewares and Loungefly backpacks!

Get ready to join the Rebel Alliance in total style with some of our top picks to help you celebrate Star Wars Day like a total Jedi!

Star Wars The Mandalorian Spectrum Rainbow Black T-Shirt

Star Wars The Mandalorian Spectrum Rainbow Black T-Shirt

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March 1st 2023

Hype Up The Hyperspace Adventures With Our Latest The Mandalorian T-Shirts For Season 3!

Mando is back! With the long-awaited season three now available on Disney+ for all of us lucky subscribers, we're more than ready to see our determined hero pull on his beskar'gam armour once again and continue the adventure!

Picking up after the events of The Book of Boba Fett, we'll follow Grogu and Din Djarin's journey to Mandalore in search of redemption for removing his helmet around others and revealing his face.

Never ones to be afraid of revealing our own love for our favourite TV and movie heroes, we're so excited to be sharing with your our latest official Mandalorian T-Shirts including a TruffleShuffle exclusive design available right now! Wan to see? This is the way...

Star Wars The Mandalorian And Grogu Family Portrait Black T-Shirt

Because not all families are tied by blood, they can be made and shaped, we just had to add a touch of old-fashioned family fun with the two stars of the show sharing a cute family portrait on our new and exclusive The Mandalorian and Grogu Family Portrait T-Shirt. So adorable we don't know whether to wear it or hang it on the wall!

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February 24th 2023

We're Lovin' It! 🍔 Loungefly March Is Here....

Our incredible picks from the Loungefly March collection have just hit our shelves and it's safe to say... we’re lovin' it!

With so many truly awesome Loungefly bags with all-new styles, shapes and titles available to snap up from the likes of McDonald's, Harry Potter, Paul Frank and so many more greats, check out all the latest collections and shop your favourite pieces before they go...

Three McDonalds Loungefly bags on a red tray

Giving us all those magical, feel-good vibes we had growing up and getting our hands on a Happy Meal full of tasty treats, we have these totally incredible new Loungefly McDonald's bags! Bringing all kinds of fun and nostalgia to your day, these will surely have your inner child smiling from ear to ear with every wear.

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January 24th 2023

20 Cool Valentine's Day Gifts For Him He'll Geek Out Over

Valentine's is back again so soon? Yep, that one ray of sunshine that's beaming its way into the cold and darkness of Winter we call Valentine's Day is fast approaching which means the hunt for the best Valentine's Day gifts for him around is officially on!

We know all too well just how tricky it can be to find something they'll love but fear not weary gift seeker, we are so ready to rock their world this year with our huge collection of awesome Valentine's gifts for him that he'll totally love and geek out over.

With awesome pyjamas, mugs, socks, homewares and more featuring their favourite cult movies, TV shows, cartoons and games, pick them up something they'll cherish all year round with our top picks for geeky (and totally cool!) guys!

DC Comics Superman Shaped Handle Mug

What better way to show them they're the Clark Kent to your Lois Lane than with this mighty Superman logo mug! One cuppa in this awesome 3D mug and they'll feel every bit a superhero that's ready for anything.

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