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November 10th 2022

Geek Up Your Christmas With Our Retro Novelty Christmas Jumpers

It's time to dust off the box of Christmas decks and get the jolly vibes rolling with some of the most awesome novelty Christmas jumpers ever created... if we do say so!

We don't know about you, but we have already started planning our most festive looks for our Christmas do and party nights out, but fear not if you're still yet to, we have the perfect styles for you!

From some seriously retro-looking knitted pieces that could have been pinched straight out of your favourite '80s movies, to lightly distressed prints for an authentic '90s feel, our stockings are brimming with an awesome selection of run and unique Christmas jumpers. We have a haul of cheesy Christmas jumpers that will blow your average reindeer style out of the park, featuring total cult classics such as Gremlins, Back to the Future and more.

So have fun with your layers this season by popping on one of our novelty Christmas jumpers under your favourite coat or wear alone for a hilarious sprinkle of Christmas joy!

Ghostbusters Knitted Jumper

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June 3rd 2022

10 Must-Have Marvel TShirts For Every Superhero Fan

It's safe to say, there has never been a better time for us superhero fans. Right? Not only are we being treated and heaps of amazing new movies featuring some of the most iconic characters ever, but we also have hours and hours of stunning TV shows we can stream too. It's geeky bliss!


As huge superhero geeks, we're forever looking for more fun ways to show off our passion for our favourite heroes. Doing just that, we're always adding exciting new designs to our collection of official Marvel T-Shirts!

With designs we know all you fellow fans will love too, we've picked out some of our best superhero t-shirts for you to run through and shop. Avengers... ASSEMBLE!

Black Acid Wash Vintage Marvel Avengers T-Shirt

Can't pick your favourite Avenger? we totally know where you're at! Show some love for some of the most iconic with this vintage Avengers T-Shirt featuring Captain America, Iron Man and Thor in action.

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August 3rd 2021

Paw-some New Pet Accessories

Paws everything... you're never going to believe just how awesome our latest collection of pet accessories are!

Super gifts for pets & pet lovers, our amazing new collection of pet gifts including dog costumes, pet beds and domes, dog bowls and more will have you and your furry friends clawing at your screen to get them!

Check out some of our top picks from this latest range...

Star Wars R2-D2 Pet Bed Dome

This IS the pet bed you've been looking for...

Ideal for cats and small dogs, this magnificent Star Wars R2-D2 Pet Bed Dome is inspired by the legendary droid R2-D2's iconic look.

Marvel Comics Spider-Man Costume T-Shirt for Dogs from For Fan Pets

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July 25th 2021

Our Latest Marvel Must-Haves!

With truly amazing movies popping up almost monthly and being able to get even more of our Marvel fix with top telly shows on Disney+ such as Loki, WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we're truly living in a world packed with superheroes... and we love it!

With so much action, adventure and storylines to geek over, we've thrown ourselves into to depths of the Marvel universe with our amazing collection of Marvel Merchandise!

With so much to pick from and new goodies being added all the time, we've picked out some of our personal favourites and best sellers right now to help get you totally in the Marvel mood. Enjoy!

Black Marvel Comics Loki Logo T-Shirt

Back and better than ever, how could we not show our love for the God of Mischief with some amazing Loki merch including this Loki Logo T-Shirt?

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April 28th 2021

The Ultimate Batman As Voted By You!

Did you know, it's National superhero day today? As if we ever needed just ONE day to love all things superhero, huh! We're always sharing our love for our top heroes in tights and lately, so have you too!

This week, we shared a post on our Facebook and Instagram asking you to share who you think your Batman is from some of the awesome people who have donned the cape and you answered in your hundreds!



Seeing as this is some of the coolest and geeky research we've ever done, we couldn't keep the results to ourselves so we donned our latest Batman TShirt, crunched some numbers and the results are in! Let's see who got your votes...


Let's showcase the results one by one. In order, here at THE best Batmans ever as voted by you...

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March 27th 2021

How To Style Your Batman TShirt 👕

Now what we're about to say may come as no surprise to anyone who knows us... but we sure think no wardrobe is complete without a collection of cool t-shirts.

Not only can they be total statement pieces for any outfit, sharing your style and passions with the world (literally what started us on our journey!), but they are totally versatile, super comfortable and some serious bang for your buck!

As classic tees go, the mighty Batman T-Shirt is just about as iconic as they get and we wanted to share with you some of our top ideas on how to style this true geeky legend to help inspire some more ideas and ways to enjoy them at their best.

Not only will the iconic Batman Tee never go out of fashion, but neither will the totally classic faux leather jacket! We love the contrast of our bright and bold Red Batman Graffiti Logo Fitted T-Shirt with the black vintage jacket that's always happy to be paired with jeans. About as classic as they get.

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