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November 13th 2020 by Iain

Our Top Awesome Geeky Gifts For Geeks!

Wary gift hunter, let us take your coat, sit you by the fire and share tales of our ever-growing range of totally awesome, completely nerdy and oh-so geeky gifts for geeks!

If you're on the lookout for the ideal presents for the real geek in your life, boy have you just stumbled into the right place! With our ace collection of retro clothing, novelty mugs, board games, gadgets and more featuring some of the geekiest movies, TV shows, cartoons, games and so much more, we're sure you will find just what you're after in no time.

Don't just take our word for it though, take a peep at some of our top picks we wanted to highlight to really set some points of interest on your gift seeking map. Enjoy!

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Pizza Cutter With Sounds

Crust us, they'll love this slice of Star Wars action with super authentic Darth Vader lightsaber pizza cutter! Oh yeh, it makes sounds too. Nothing not to love about this... and they get pizza!

NASA Pyjamas

One small step for man, one giant sleep for mankind! Send them to far an ditant lands while they sleep in total nerdy style with these mega NASA Pyjamas.

Dungeons And Dragons Cartoon Green T-Shirt

Based on the epic role-playing game, if they were addicted to the action-packed 80s cartoon just like us, let them show some appreciation with this Dungeons and Dragons TShirt.

PlayStation Classic Breakfast Set

If you didn't know, gaming is serious work and supplies must be at the ready! Give them a real boost for their next sofa session with this totally gift-able PlayStation Classic Breakfast Set.

Nintendo Super Mario Star Light With Sounds

Let them bathe in the warm glow of retro gaming nostalgia with this kitsch Nintendo Super Mario Star Light With Sounds!

Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Change Mug

Whether they like their cuppa on the dark side or perhaps weaker than Nute Gunray, they'll find the perfect brew buddy with this fun Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Change Mug.

100 Movies Bucket List Scratch Poster

So they think they've seen ALL the film classics... are they sure about that? Put them to the ultimate test with this awesome 100 Movies Bucket List Scratch Poster. The gift that keeps on giving!

Star Wars Death Star Silicone Spatula from Funko

Even if they're more of a wookie than a wonder in the kitchen, they'll have an out of this world time using this Star Wars Death Star Spatula!

The Periodic Table Of Star Wars Men's Pyjamas

From Luke Skywalker, to Darth Vader, to R2-D2 - all their favourite characters are included on this gloriously geeky Periodic Table Of Star Wars Men's Pyjamas. These ARE the pyjamas you're looking for.

Lego Mini Figure Faces 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Now, THIS is a real LEGO challenge! Let them take on this mighty Lego Mini Figure Faces 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle and discover the many faces of LEGO.

Star Wars Lightsaber Light Up Umbrella

They'll be wishing they could battle the rain with one of these Star Wars Lightsaber Light Up Umbrella in their collection! Pick the perfect colour and get ready for anything.

For all these top geeky goodies and heaps more, slide on over to our website and shop our Christmas Gift Guide for plenty more inspo.