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June 6th 2023 by Iain

TruffleShuffle x Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Collection NOW LIVE!

65 million years in the making… we're finally unearthing our exclusive Jurassic Park 30th anniversary collection!

Celebrating an earth-trembling 30 years since Jurassic Park first roared onto our screens (can you believe it?!), our in-house team of design scientists have created cracking new exclusive Jurassic Park T-Shirts!

Complete with vintage wash and distressed looks referencing iconic quotes, locations, vehicles and characters from the movie that are sure to hit you fans in all those 90s feels, check out this dino-mite new collection of official Jurassic Park merchandise and get ready to be clawing as your screens to grab yours...

If you're anything like us, not only have you been through those iconic gates and into the park countless times on your screens, but you've imagined what it would actually feel like to begin your own adventure there... well... until you know... the bad things start at least.

A true icon from the movies and instantly recognisable by fans everywhere, show your love for the very island that brought us so much action, adventure and bare-chested Dr Ian Malcom with this exclusive Jurassic Park Gates Natural T-Shirt.

Talking of bare-chested Dr Ian Malcolm, we've hooked you right up with an awesome t-shirt featuring that very scene. You're lucky this is a tee too as you're going to need a serious cool down every time you see the truly glorious print on the front of this Jurassic Park Ian Malcolm Scene T-Shirt. You've been warned.

We've channelled all the 90s vibes with this claw-some new Jurassic Park Logo Vintage Wash Red T-Shirt that's sure to take a bite at being your new favourite tee! A comfy, baggy fit that means it can be worn dressed up or dressed down, we know this is sure to be the ideal tee to have on when you're planning your next Jurassic Park movie marathon!

If Jurassic Park taught us one thing all those years ago, it's that you never know what adventures may come your way, and you'd better be prepared for anything and looking damn cool at the same time! Ticking all the right boxes with its relaxed and comfy fit and down-right iconic 90s style, we know this Jurassic Park Jeep Logo Vintage Wash Green T-Shirt is the perfect pick for any adventure big or small.

If there was one T-Shirt we all would have gone totally wild for when walking out of the cinema all those years ago, it would have totally been this ace new Jurassic Park Logo Purple Tie Dye T-Shirt. With 90s style brimming in its DNA, we've brought the style of the 90s back to life with this stunning tie-dye logo tee and it's creating chaos here at Truffle Towers!

On the lookout for a blueprint for your ultimate 90s style? Surely it begins with our cosy new Jurassic Park Mr DNA sweater! A total throwback through and through, you've surely always been on the hunt for a piece of 90s nostalgia like this, you just had to know where to look!

Bursting their way onto the website right now, it's time to hop in the tour vehicle and screech on over to our complete collection of exclusive Jurassic Park clothing, gifts and more. Hold onto your butts!