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August 18th 2023 by Iain

12 Untouchable 80s Films That Should Never Be Remade - As Voted By You!

Hold onto your popcorn movie fans, because we've got a question that's juicier than a pineapple pizza debate: in this era of bringing back classic flicks like retro fashion, which movies should be declared off-limits for remakes?

Seriously, let's put on our director's hats and chat about the cinematic treasures that are like unicorns—unique, magical, and should never be messed with so if anything, your official movie t-shirts will never go out of flavour!

To find out, we put this question to the die-hard movie fans we know... you guys over on our Facebook and Instagram stories and these are the results!

Back to the Future

Truly an era-defining movie that became one of the best-loved and totally iconic movies of the 80s, this is 100% one movie that needs to be kept off-limits at all costs and we just won't hear otherwise.

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The Goonies

Oh, let's face it, we might be wearing nostalgia goggles here, but seriously, can you blame us? We're talking about an 80s childhood classic that's like a time machine back to the era of boomboxes. Spielberg's in the director's chair, there are kids tossing around swears and stirring up chaos like no one's business on their treasure hunt that's more thrilling than a rollercoaster, and oh, did we mention a pirate ship? I mean, come on, you can't beat that level of awesome if you tried!

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It's weird, it's wonderful and it's totally classic Jim Henson. We don't even know where you would begin to recreate this 80s movie masterpiece so we strongly suggest, they don't even try.

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The Breakfast Club

Capturing the personality clashes of school life, we've always loved the teenage angst of this John Hughes classic, bringing an unlikely group of teens together for weekend detention. We just don't think you could capture the magic of the era the same or it would translate to current times with the same magic.

The Lost Boys

Throwing us into a world of vampires, biker gangs and, of course, vampire hunters, you just can't replicate the charm of this cult 80s classic. A total nostalgic masterpiece not to be recreated.

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Now on the 6th movie instalment and with the action still every bit as epic as ever, it seems many out there also agree that you just can't mess with our first introduction into the world of Sarah Connor and the cyborg assassin sent from the future. One not to say 'I'll be back' for a remake any time soon we don't think.

Ferris Buellers Day Off

Driving flat-out into the ultimate high school adventure, 1986 gave us the definitive guide to high school hijinx! How would you even begin to recapture the cheek and chaos of this true tale of liberation and ultimate hooky? Just leave it be.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Very few films got us, scared, laughing and crying all in equal measure as this absolute early 80s classic. A true Steven Spielberg classic that just cannot be messed with.

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So cute, so lovable, so much trouble! If you can still remember the three rules, we're sure you also agree that this is one dark comedy classic that will always have a place in our hearts with its criminal critters and iconic moments.

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Big Trouble in Little China

Buckle up, because, in this action-packed gem, even your wildest daydreams wouldn't dare predict what's coming next. It's like a whirlwind adventure through the golden era of fantasy action-comedy that we just don't think you could re-create again... so don't!


Oh, get ready to dive into the deep end of cinematic awesomeness, because we're talking about a true masterpiece that predates the CGI era—none other than the one and only "Jaws"! This gem has us hooked with its vintage charm, heart-pounding moments, and seriously jaw-dropping practical effects. I mean, come on, this flick is the definition of a classic that's as untouchable as they get.

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The Princess Bride

Oh, come on now, let's be honest - our hearts might be a tad biased, considering we practically grew up spoon-fed on this ultimate childhood fantasy feast. But can you really blame us? It's like mixing up the most magical smoothie of romance, adventure, comedy, and fantasy you've ever tasted, and then sprinkling it with quotes so witty they could outcharm the best of them.

So what do you think? Are there any untouchable icons that were missed or perhaps do you think some of these might just have legs in for another crack at the whip?

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