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June 4th 2024 by Iain

Every Day, Give Yourself A Present Of Cult TV Cool With The New Twin Peaks Clothing!

The home of extraordinarily good coffee and pie, we're bringing some small-town Washington strangeness to our ever-growing collection with our exclusive new Twin Peaks clothing and merchandise that, we admit, has become something of an obsession for us!

Created by Mark Frost and David Lynch, the cult 90s show Twin Peaks originally ran for just two seasons from 1990-91 with a long-awaited follow-up third season hitting our small screens in 2017 bringing us 18 more episodes of the iconic murder mystery and the truly eccentric inhabitants of Twin Peaks. It's one weird place!

Letting you grab a slice of nostalgia for this cult classic, we couldn't resist showing our love for the iconic hang-out spot with its homemade pie and fresh coffee with our exclusive Twin Peaks Double R Diner T-shirts, sweaters and mugs! Check them out...

Twin Peaks RR Cafe Black T-Shirt

Your ticket to small-town Washington charm and mystery, unravel secrets while savouring some tasty treats in style with our exclusive Twin Peaks T-Shirt featuring the iconic Double R Cafe logo.

Twin Peaks RR Cafe Navy Sweater

Cosy up with your favourite slice and a cuppa in our snuggly Twin Peaks sweater showing hot servings of love for the iconic Double R Cafe. The perfect pick for your next re-watch of this cult classic!

Twin Peaks Inspired RR Cafe Red Handle Mug

What better way to start your day than with some damn fine coffee in the mug of your classic 90s murder mystery-loving dreams! Add a spoonful of 90s cool to your cuppa with our exclusive Twin Peaks Double R Cafe mug.

Not sure where to grab your Twin Peaks merch? Well, that's one mystery solved with our latest collection that's sure to bring some eerie cool to your everyday style. Shop the collection now!