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November 9th 2022 by Iain

20 Unique Stocking Fillers That Won't Break The Bank

Are you finding yourself a busy little Elf searching high and low for only the very best stocking fillers for your loved ones? We're right there with you but thankfully, we're here to fill your mind with amazing retro gift ideas with our huge collection of geeky, retro and totally cool stocking stuffers!

Packed fit to burst, our collection of goodies features some of the most unique and retro stocking fillers ideas that won't break the bank with official mugs, games, gadgets, socks and so much more to pick from.

Get ready to pick out the perfect gift idea for someone special this year that say 'hey, you're awesome and I totally get you' when features their favourite TV shows, movies, games, characters and more!

Gremlins Gizmo Slipper Socks

Get ready for cosy nights with their favourite furry critter with these adorable Gremlins Gizmo Slipper Socks. Perfect for keeping their paws nice and toasty in total retro style.

Disney Hocus Pocus Bubble Elixir

Give them the gifts of a bewitching bath time with this oh-so-relaxing Hocus Pocus Bubble Elixir. They'll be enjoying the soothing velvet plum and vanilla aroma and dreaming of their favourite Disney trio!

DC Comics Batman Batarang Shaped Bath Bombs

We don't know for sure, but we totally think that the Dark Knight himself totally unwinds with a hot bath after a long day saving Gotham City. Don't you think? Let them enjoy the same level of luxury in style with our Batman Batarang Shaped Bath Bombs.

The Office Playing Cards

Think you could take on Kevin at Poker? Or maybe you prefer winning Creed style? Make sure you and your pals are playing in style with these fun The Office Playing Cards.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Poses Recycled Plastic Cool Lunch Bag

Who better to protect their precious lunch than the might of the Dark Side? Snap up this fun Star Wars Stormtrooper Lunch Bag for some added geeky cool to their day!

Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Coconut Bubble Bath

What's this? A perfect cheeky gift for the Jack Skellington fan? Add some Disney magic to their bath night this fun The Nightmare Before Christmas Coconut Bubble Bath.

Whoever says making the perfect cuppa isn't a true science is just kidding themselves! Add a touch of retro cool to their tea break with this Jurassic Park Mr. DNA Ceramic Mug.

The Goonies Sloth Loves Chunk Socks

Hey you guys! Don't settle for any old socks, celebrate one of their favourite 80s movies in total style with these official Goonies Sloth Loves Chunk Socks. A perfect pair... and the socks aren't bad either!

Neverending Story Planter Gnomes

Oh yes, we totally went there. Pay homage to probably one of the most... emotional movie movements of their childhood (but in a fun way) with these fun Neverending Story Planter Gnomes.

Clueless 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Not as simple as putting an outfit together Cher style sadly, any fan of this total 90s classic with love our exclusive Clueless 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. SO many iconic moments waiting to be recreated!

Friends Peephole Photo Frame

Could this BE any cooler? For the Friends fan in your life (of which we're sure there are plenty!) celebrate one of the true icons of the show with this genius Friends Peephole Photo Frame.

Totally 90s Trivia Cards

Do they know their 90s? Are they really sure! Put them to the ultimate test with this fun Totally 90s Trivia Cards. Perfect for games night!

Disney Pop Villains Evil Queen Orange Cauldron Bath Fizzer

What sorcery is this?! Yet another fun gift sure to make a splash at bathtime! Let them enjoy some sweet apple scent from this neat Disney Villains Evil Queen Cauldron Bath Fizzer.

Star Wars Mandalorian Baby Yoda The Child Stress Ball

A perfect desk buddy, add some Star Wars fandom to even the most stressful days with this handy Mandalorian Baby Yoda The Child Stress Ball.

Movie Trivia Cards

Know the biggest movie fan ever? Get ready to put them and their friends to the ultimate test with this Movie Trivia Cards.

Women's Wonder Woman Fleece Socks

Are they a real-life superhero? Let them reveal their true awesome credentials in style with these super-snuggly Wonder Woman Fleece Socks.

Mandalorian The Child Puff from Mad Beauty

As handy as it is cute, we know this fun Mandalorian The Child Puff will find a perfect home in any Star Wars fan's shower.

Back To The Future Socks

Turn their sock style all the way up to 1.21 gigawatts of cool with these 80s-tastic Back To The Future Socks. A perfect find for the 80s movie lovers out there.

Sonic The Hedgehog Stress Ball

Was there anything as stressful as trying to collect all the rings as you zoomed around? We're not sure there is but when things get a little challenging IRL, make sure they have this fun Sonic The Hedgehog Stress Ball close by.

Star Wars Picture This Card Game

One to separate the Jedi Knights from the duct rats, let the challenge commence with this Star Wars Picture This Card Game.

For all the incredible stocking filler gift ideas and so much more, head over to our complete collection or check out our Christmas Gift Guide for even more inspiration!