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October 21st 2023

Zoinks! Unmask The Ultimate Scooby-Doo Merchandise for True Toon Fans

If you've ever wondered how the Mystery Inc. gang managed to solve some of the spookiest, kookiest mysteries while maintaining their unshakable cool, then you're in the right place!

At TruffleShuffle HQ, we're not in the game of unmasking ghosts and ghouls (happy to leave that to the pros!), but we're totally loving unmasking our ultimate collection of Scooby-Doo merchandise that will make any Scooby-Doo fan shout "Zoinks!" when they see it all.

To help you show your love for this timeless classic, we're taking you on a ride in the Mystery Machine through our collection of official Scooby-Doo T-Shirts and merchandise including thillingly cool Scooby-Doo Loungefly bags and more!

So, fasten your seatbelts, hop on the nostalgia bus, and let's start a mystery-solving journey through our collection of classic cartoon treats. Jinkies! Let's get started!

Scooby Doo Where Are You Charcoal Wash T-Shirt

Scooby Doo Where Are You Charcoal Wash T-Shirt

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October 20th 2023

Unwrap the Magic: Must-Have Christmas Loungefly Backpacks for the Festive Season

As the air turns chilly and the nights start to draw in, there's one thing on every die-hard Disney lover's mind... Christmas Loungefly bags!

These wonderfully whimsical accessories are more than just a festive find, they're a delightful way to carry the spirit of the season with you in total style, wherever you go.

From enchanting gingerbread house designs to iconic characters dressed in their holiday best, Christmas Loungefly bags are the ultimate way to blend Disney magic with the warmth of the holidays.

Take a closer look at some of our latest collection of Christmas Loungefly bags and get ready to unwrap the joy and style that these bags bring to what is... the most wonderful time of the year!

Loungefly Dr Seuss Santa Grinch Cosplay Mini Backpack

Loungefly Dr Seuss Santa Grinch Cosplay Mini Backpack

Hop on the holiday sleigh for a whimsical trip to Whoville! Don't be a Grinch this year.... or do! Say hello to our Loungefly Dr. Seuss Santa Grinch Backpack – a total festive wonder that'll steal your heart this Christmas.

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September 18th 2023

Spook Up Your Style With Our Latest Halloween Loungefly Bags

Who's ready to get spooky?!

Bringing you some real treats - and absolutely no tricks - our latest collection of spine-chillingly spooktacular bags, wallets and accessories from Loungefly are totally here to take flight with you on your broomstick this Halloween!

Featuring some of the creepiest, most haunting and all-out terrifyingly cool Loungefly bags ever, our latest Halloween Loungefly bags have escaped the crypt of cool and are ready to be chased down and taken back to your very own dungeons.

To keep your spooky style as sharp as a razer, we've picked out some of our top and best-loved Loungefly styles for you to rock this Halloween and beyond!

Loungefly Halloween Michael Myers Cosplay Mini Backpack

Loungefly Halloween Michael Myers Cosplay Mini Backpack

Perfect for fans who love their nightmares brought to life! Featuring his creepy face that glows in the dark for added impact that'll send your heartbeat racing, chase down our Loungefly Halloween Michael Myers Backpack that's already a total hit this Halloween!

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July 27th 2023

Get Ready To Say ELLO To Our Updated Exclusive Labyrinth x Loungefly Backpack!

He's nearly here, folks! The clock is certainly ticking away as we build up to the long-awaited launch of our upcoming and highly-anticipated Loungefly Labyrinth backpack featuring the fan favourite, the worm!

Since we first revealed him earlier this year, we've given him a few TruffleShuffle tweaks to hopefully even further capture his charm with updated face details and fluffy head finish. See for yourself!

Complete with lovingly embroidered back detail of your favourite worm with his signature quote, we have so many more details just waiting to be discovered.

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June 27th 2023

Say ELLO To Our Exclusive New Labyrinth Collection!

You Remind Us Of The Babe.

…or at least, you will in the abundance of awesome new Labyrinth merchandise including exclusive new T-Shirts, dresses and homewares we’re excited to be unveiling for you!

The first additions to the latest exclusive collection, including our T-Shirt Dress and smock dress styles are the perfect attire when you’ve only got 13 hours to solve the Labyrinth before your baby brother becomes one of us - forever. Such a pity!

Shop this all-new collection of official Labyrinth clothing and begin your own quest to defeat the labyrinth in total style!

Labyrinth Movie Reel Black Smock Dress

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February 24th 2023

We're Lovin' It! 🍔 Loungefly March Is Here....

Our incredible picks from the Loungefly March collection have just hit our shelves and it's safe to say... we’re lovin' it!

With so many truly awesome Loungefly bags with all-new styles, shapes and titles available to snap up from the likes of McDonald's, Harry Potter, Paul Frank and so many more greats, check out all the latest collections and shop your favourite pieces before they go...

Three McDonalds Loungefly bags on a red tray

Giving us all those magical, feel-good vibes we had growing up and getting our hands on a Happy Meal full of tasty treats, we have these totally incredible new Loungefly McDonald's bags! Bringing all kinds of fun and nostalgia to your day, these will surely have your inner child smiling from ear to ear with every wear.

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