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November 19th 2022 by Iain

Treat Your Tree To Our Most Magical Disney Tree Decorations 🎄

At this most wonderful time of the year, we're totally indulging in our most magical fandoms as we get ready to sprinkle some classic Disney charm onto not only our homes but our lucky Christmas Trees too with our exciting new collection of stunning Disney Christmas Decorations!

A perfect finishing touch to your festive style this season and the ideal way to show your love for your favourite Disney characters over the holidays, we know our Disney Christmas Tree Decorations are sure to give you a warm feeling inside that even some mulled wine would struggle to match!

With so many iconic characters and styles to pick from including unique hanging decorations to festive baubles, add some Disney charm to your Christmas with our latest Disney decorations!

Disney Set of Two Mickey Mouse Bow and Glove Hanging Decorations

As icons go, they don't get much bigger and more magical than Mickey and Minnie! Get your tree looking like something from a fairytale with these classic Mickey Mouse Bow and Glove Hanging Decorations.

Disney Sleeping Beauty Set of 3 Fairy Godmothers Hanging Decorations

Is there a better time to sprinkle some magic fairy dust in your home than at Christmas? We sure don't think so and we know there is surefire way to get this done... with our Sleeping Beauty Set of 3 Fairy Godmothers Hanging Decorations of course!

Disney Princess Set of 7 Baubles

Does your favourite Disney princess change more often than you change your socks? We're right there with you! Show your love for some of the most iconic Disney gals with these Disney Princess Set of 7 Baubles.

Disney Set of Four Toy Story Hanging Decorations

If anyone is going to bring a whole lot of fun to your tree (when you're looking or not!), it's the total Pixar legends featured in these Disney Set of Four Toy Story Hanging Decorations.

Disney Lilo & Stitch Stitch Hanging Decoration

Get ready to shake things up this year and bring plenty of fun (and chaos) to your festive season with this adorable festive Lilo & Stitch Stitch Hanging Decoration.

Set of Four Disney Princess Hanging Decorations

Looking as glam as ever and so ready for a boogie at the Christmas party, add some true Disney legends to your decor with these detailed Disney Princess Hanging Decorations.

Disney Cinderella Carriage Hanging Decoration

Perfect for bringing some Disney glitz and glam to your space, complete your perfect tree with our charming Cinderella Carriage Hanging Decoration.

Disney Set of Four Winnie The Pooh Hanging Decorations

Sweeter than honey itself, we just love seeing Pooh and his pals all dressed up in their festive best on these adorable Winnie The Pooh Hanging Decorations and we know all you Winnie fans will too!

Disney Set of Three Frozen Hanging Decorations

Feel like your tree decs are a little frozen in time? It's time to really spruce up your Winter wonderland this year with these super cool Frozen Hanging Decorations.

Disney Peter Pan Tinkerbell Hanging Decoration

Every tree needs a fairy, right? Who better to give your style a sprinkle of Disney charm than Tink on this glitter-adorned Peter Pan Tinkerbell Hanging Decoration.

Disney Classics Set of 15 White Glitter Baubles

Go big or go home! Totally transform your whole tree this year with this amazing collection of classic characters in our Set of 15 White Glitter Baubles. All your favourite faces all in one magical set!

Disney Chip 'N Dale Hanging Decoration

They're cheeky and they're wild but would we have them any other way? Bring those cheesy smiles and good times to your tree this year and for years to come with our  Chip 'N Dale Hanging Decoration.

Disney Beauty and the Beast Chip Hanging Decoration

Oh Chip... how could we forget about you? Sure to be a truly beauty on your tree, add some vintage Disney to your style with this cute Beauty and the Beast Chip Hanging Decoration.

With our complete collection of stunning Disney Christmas decorations, hanging decorations, baubles and ornaments available right now, add some true magic to your collection now this year and years to come!