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December 7th 2023 by Iain

Mom, They’ve Hatched! Our Exclusive New Gremlins Clothing Is Now Live...

What are these, Billy? They're Gremlins, Kate. Just like Mr Futterman said...

Oh yes! We're taking you right back to 1984, when the fun, the chaos and the most mischievous critters ever hit our screens and entered your hearts with our all-new and exclusive collection of Gremlins merchandise!

We're bringing all you fans of this cult 80s classic movie some serious nos-STYLE-ga with our latest collection of Gremlins clothing including smock dresses and T-Shirt dresses that are sure to shake up your collection.

To really show them off in style, we took a trip to our local screen to grab some shots (no Snow White this time though!) with plenty of snacks so take a closer look at these wicked new styles that are bringing all the fun...

Gremlins Smoky All Over Print Smock Dress

Cute, clever, mischievous, intelligent and dangerous... what's not to love? It's time to wear your love for Gizmo on your sleeves in style with our exclusive Gremlins Smock Dress.

Complete with a mysterious smoky effect, your favourite Mogwai along with the three rules you've always had memorised, this one is just wanting to be styled in your own unique way while bringing heaps of cult 80s flair.

Gremlins Movie Reel T-Shirt Dress

Always struggled to pick out your favourite scene from this dark comedy classic? You're not alone and well... why even try when you can show your love for so much of this icon with our cool new Gremlins Movie Reel T-Shirt Dress.

Designed with a movie reel effect print featuring many iconic scenes from the film, we love the dark print with pops of red contrast and of course... the pockets!

You know there's more too. Check out the rest of our awesome Gremlins collection including Christmas jumpers, lounge pants, pyjamas and T-Shirts...

If there is one new rule we'd like to add, it's never go to the cinema with a Mogwai! Show your love for this iconic cinema scene with our exclusive Gremlins Cinema Chaos T-Shirt.

Maybe you'd prefer to cosy up with Gizmo? Well... who could blame you. Snuggle in style with our exclusive Gremlins lounge pants and Gremlins Gizmo pyjama and scrunchie set for the ultimate movie night in.

Jump right back into the fun and nightmare of this total 80s gem with our complete collection of official Gremlins T-Shirts, gifts and merchandise right here at TruffleShuffle!