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June 18th 2024 by Iain

The Latest TruffleShuffle Loungefly Exclusive Bags You Need to See!

Well, what a week it's been! The sun is finally shining (for now!), we're rocking our favourite t-shirts for all to see AND we've just released our latest collection of oh-so-exclusive and totally incredible TruffleShuffle Loungefly exclusives! Is this some sort of dream? Quick pinch us!

Packed with bright colours, amazing characters, iconic scenes and with more details that we could possibly mention, our latest range of exclusive Loungefly bags are available to snap up right now and are looking every bit as awesome as you'd hope for.

Okay sure, we might be a little biased... okay fine TOTALLY biased but we think these are some of the most adorable must-have styles going so we just had to show you a little more so you can see for yourselves.

Available right now exclusively at TruffleShuffle in EMEA, shop some of our top picks from our latest range of styles and enjoy totally free UK delivery too. Our treat! Let's go...

Loungefly Disney Villains Silhouette Mini Backpack

They say evil lurks in the shadows, and this exclusive Loungefly mini backpack proves it! Featuring the sinister silhouettes of Disney's top villains including The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Ursula, and Dr. Facilier, this quilted purple faux leather Disney Villains backpack is a true darker side of Disney dream.

Loungefly Disney Moana Pua Canoe Mini Backpack

Making a splash on our site and featuring a frame-bursting applique sail and vibrant tropical flowers, this Loungefly Moana bag is sure to sweep you away. Grab this exclusive treasure from TruffleShuffle in Europe and set sail in style!

Loungefly Disney Lilo & Stitch Scrump Reading Mini Backpack

Get ready for the cutest story time ever! Loungefly has nailed it with this adorable scene of Stitch reading to Scrump. With super detailed appliques of our favourite characters, surrounded by sea turtles and fabulous embossed floral data EMEA exclusive Lilo & Stitch Loungefly is a total find for every Stitch fan's collection!

Loungefly SpongeBob SquarePants Krusty Krab Kiddie Meal Figural Crossbody Bag

Hungry for even more SpongeBob in your life? Crafted in intricate detail, it features embossed lettering, a sneaky Plankton applique on the back, and a removable burger keychain. Live your Krusty Krab fantasy with this amazing figural Loungefly SpongeBob SquarePants crossbody bag, exclusively at TruffleShuffle. Don't be a weenie, grab yours now!

Loungefly Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Colour Block Crossbody

Dive into a treasure from under the sea with this exclusive Ariel Loungefly crossbody bag at TruffleShuffle! Featuring Ariel's iconic colours, a puffy quilted effect, and a magnetic silver seashell clasp, this faux leather bag is a must-have for any fan. Carry it in style with the braided shoulder strap and make it part of your world!

Loungefly Disney Winnie the Pooh Flower Crown Backpack

Pooh's summer style is on point with his adorable flower crown! Our stunning Loungefly Winnie the Pooh mini backpack, exclusively at TruffleShuffle in EMEA, is packed with delightful details including a velvet and canvas body, figural ears, and cute hunny pot accents, it's perfect for your next holiday, festival, or midsummer celebration!

Loungefly Marvel X-Men All Over Print Mini Backpack

Get ready to jump into the X-Men '97 action again and again in total style with this epic Loungefly X-Men backpack! Featuring Storm, Rogue, Cyclops, Wolverine, and more in an all-over print, plus Professor Xavier's bold X on the front pocket, you'll always have the dream team with you on your very own adventures.

Loungefly Disney Winnie the Pooh Stargazing Light-Up Backpack

Talk about the star of the show! Enjoying a little fun among the stars, our EMEA exclusive Loungefly Winnie the Poog bag is packed with charm and comes to life when the sun goes down with its stunning light-up firefly details! Perfect for making any evening truly magical.

Spotted your latest favourite? Snap it up now and we'll get it shipped out the same day by 5pm. Promise!

For all these and so much more, shop our complete collection of Loungefly backpacks right now at