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September 26th 2023 by Iain

Small Screens To Big Screams: Exclusive New TV & Cartoons Halloween Clothing!

Opening up our creepy crypt of clothing cool once again, we're bringing you even more cult classic goodness to our totally eerie collection of exclusive Halloween clothing!

With more spooky vibes than a bump in the night, we're showing our love for some of the most iconic cartoon and TV classics you grew up with through our all-new range of Halloween T-Shirts and sweaters.

Summon the nostalgic spirits of your favourite cartoon and TV classics and get ready to haunt the night in style with our latest clothing!

Sprinkle some spooky magic in Care-A-Lot this Halloween season with our bear-illiantly cool Care Bears Spooky Spider Pink T-Shirt featuring an original G1 bear, with a freaky Frankenstein twist.

Proof you can totally care while you scare, bring all those childhood Halloween memories flooding right back with our cosy Care Bears Spooky Pumpkin Sweater that's perfect for creepy autumn nights.

Yoinks! If you're scared of bumping into g-g-g-g-g-ghosts this Halloween, you're in luck as our awesome new exclusive Scooby Doo Where Are You T-Shirt will make sure you've got the whole Scooby squad with you at all times. Perfect backup!

On the hunt for even more Scooby adventures? Snap this up with our equally scary cool Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine T-Shirt.

Ah, ah, ahhh! We're bringing some total street vibes to your Halloween collection this year with our Sesame Street Count Von Count Fang Club T-Shirt featuring your favourite number-crunching vampire.

The perfect way to show your official membership to the coolest club in town, when you're after something with a little more warming nostalgia, snuggle up in our cool and cosy Count Von Count Fang Club Sweater.

On the hunt for even more? Style up your spooky season with our ever-growing collection of spine-tinglingly awesome Halloween T-Shirts for adults, sweaters and retro dresses!