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January 23rd 2024 by Iain

Classic Characters Unleashed: Exclusive New Clothing With A Retro Rock Twist

Exciting new and oh-so-exclusive designs have just made their way onto the main stage at TruffleShuffle and we just had to shout about this awesome new lineup!

Get ready to crank up the coolness, because we've taken your all-time favourite characters, toys, and shows and given them a rockin' makeover!

Doing what we do best, we've brought some retro gems straight back into the limelight with our latest collection of cool T-Shirts and sweaters that channel a real band T-Shirt feel that totally screams 'I grabbed this at the merch table at the back'.

Get ready to rock some of our childhood classics like never before with these latest retro T-Shirt styles that are sure to be crowd-pleasers!

TruffleShuffle x My Little Pony

My Little Pony Nightmare Black T-Shirt

Hold on to your horseshoes, Pony fans! Ponyland just got a mysterious makeover. Brace yourselves for a dose of nostalgia with our Gen 1 pony, but here's the TruffleShuffle twist... it's decked out in a nightmarishly adorable print that's giving us real rock vibes. This My Little Pony Nightmare T-Shirt is not your average pony fare, it's cute, it's creepy, and it's a total head-turner.

My Little Pony Wild Ponies Charcoal T-Shirt

We're galloping into a world of pure pony awesomeness with this My Little Pony Wild Ponies T-Shirt that will have you trotting to the checkout! If you're a fan of MLP with a bit of edge, wild ponies won't be able to keep you away from this latest style!

TruffleShuffle x The Muppets

The Muppet Show Animal Live And Unleashed Charcoal Marl T-Shirt

When it comes to drumming chaos, no one does it better than Animal from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem on The Muppet Show! This The Muppet Show Animal Live and Unleashed T-Shirt is like a backstage pass to the untamed world of Animal's drumming mayhem.

The Muppet Show Animal Live And Unleashed Blue Sweater

Because the good times don't need to stop when the sun goes down... cosy up with and rock on with this bright and bold The Muppet Show Animal Live and Unleashed sweater that's sure to be centre stage of any outfit.

TruffleShuffle x Care Bears

Care Bears Abbey Road Charcoal T-Shirt

Get ready to join the Care Bears on a beary magical stroll down the iconic crossing with our exclusive new Care Bears Abbey Road Charcoal T-Shirt! A paw-fect tribute to the Fab Four - Cheers Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear and Share Bear of course!

Whether you're a My Little Pony devotee, a Muppets maniac, or a Care Bears connoisseur, our latest collection has something special just for you and there's so much more awesomeness waiting to be discovered.

Check out our complete collection of exclusive T-shirts, sweaters, and more available right now!