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January 31st 2024 by Iain

Look Who Just Waddled Onto TruffleShuffle... TUBBZ Ducks Are Here With A Splash!

Get ready to get your geek on, because we're under a quack-attack with our latest flipping good finds!

TUBBZ ducks have splash-landed into TruffleShuffle and have sent us into a total flap! Not your average bath buddies, these cosplaying ducks are rocking iconic pop culture characters and costumes that make them equal parts cute, cool and totally collectable.

With more of these duck dudes hitting the site regularly, keep an eye on our full collection of TUBBZ rubber ducks and stay tuned for designs from your favourite characters, movies, toys and more!

Check out what's currently under our wing right now...

The Lord Of The Rings Gandalf You Shall Not Pass TUBBZ

Gandalf, the fearless defender of ducks, is here to banish bathroom (or any room really!) boredom! Armed with staff and sword this The Lord Of The Rings Gandalf You Shall Not Pass TUBBZ is straight outta 'The Fellowship of the Ring,' striking a pose that's more epic than a hobbit's second breakfast. And the best part? He comes in a display box so cool, that even Sauron would be jealous!

Back To The Future Doc Brown 1955 TUBBZ Cosplay Duck

Hold onto your rubber duckies, because Doc Brown is about to make a splash in your collection! Buckle up, time travellers, because this Back To The Future Doc Brown TUBBZ Cosplay Duck is here to let the quack-tastic adventures begin with its iconic 1955 timeline cosplay style.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger TUBBZ Cosplay Duck

The Pink Ranger is diving into the TUBBZ rubber duck squad, ready to fight evil and join the ranks of your epic collection. This epic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger TUBBZ Duck comes packed in a display box that's as cool as Zordon's command centre, stack her up with the other Power Rangers TUBBZ ducks and brace yourselves for a splashy battle against bath villains!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger TUBBZ Cosplay Duck

Armed, dangerous, and ready to tackle baddies with his feathery finesse, this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger TUBBZ Duck is ready for action and will surely pack a punch in your collection.

Jurassic Park T-Rex TUBBZ Plushie

Attention dino-loving duck enthusiasts! That's a thing, right? TUBBZ scientists have unearthed a Jurassic gem that's been in the making since T-Rex ruled the roost - introducing the apex cutie of the pond world, the Jurassic Park T-Rex TUBBZ Plushie! Life finds a way, and in this case, it's a way to make your plush collection prehistorically awesome.

Jaws Bruce TUBBZ Plushie

Dun dun... quack! Brace yourselves for a fin-tastic addition to the TUBBZ Plushies collection that'll make you squeel both AHH then AWW! This Jaws Bruce TUBBZ Plushie will bring some classic movie magic to your collection in adorable style. Because Bruce was probably a big softy anyway... right?

Coming Soon!

Can you believe it's been 65 years of Troll-tastic madness? Time to throw a party for those hair-raising, gem-bellied legends in the form of these first-edition total throwback Trolls creations that will be hitting the site and your collections very soon...

Trolls Silver Troll TUBBZ First Edition

Complete with iconic eyes, shocking pink hair, and a gem-filled tummy, this quacky gem  Trolls Silver Troll TUBBZ is ready to turn your collection into a psychedelic celebration!

Trolls Green Troll TUBBZ First Edition

A rubber ducky that's more '90s cool than your slap bracelets, add some throwback style to your space with this fun-loving Trolls Green Troll TUBBZ.

Dive into the duck-filled fun and start your collection today with our complete collection of TUBBZ cosplay ducks!