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February 26th 2024 by Iain

Let There Be Dark... Exclusive Emily The Strange Clothing At TruffleShuffle!

In the wild world of skateboards and sketches, a quirky character named Emily burst onto the scene, courtesy of the creative legend Rob Reger back in '91. She wasn't your average comic persona! With her posse of black cats and an aura of mystery, Emily quickly became a total icon of the alternative world and our hero.

Jumping forward to 2001, Emily's adventures really took off with her comic debut, captivating hearts with her sly wit and effortlessly cool goth vibes and we've been hooked ever since!

If you were one of those souls who found solace in Emily's world of shadows and sarcasm during the early 2000s, then you're in for a treat! We're bringing you our all-new, exclusive and totally official Emily The Strange T-Shirts. Because let's face it, some of us are just a little stranger than the rest, and Emily gets us like no other! Check them out...

Emily The Strange The Face Of Strange Black T-Shirt

A monochromatic marvel of a graphic tee straight from our design dreams, if normalcy feels like a distant fantasy, slip into Emily's world and celebrate your uniqueness with style in our Emily The Strange The Face Of Strange T-Shirt!

Emily The Strange Icon Black And Red Tie Dye T-Shirt

Channelling more 00s than the worn-out skate jeans to rocked 24/7, we're bringing you all the style of this alt icon with our epically edgy Emily The Strange Tie Dye T-Shirt.

Emily The Strange Odd And Even Vintage Wash Charcoal T-Shirt

Craving a touch of the darkly divine? Bring the wonderfully wicked Emily to your style with this Emily The Strange Odd and Even T-Shirt featuring her crew of cats. She may be odd, but she always gets even!

Up for grabs exclusively at TruffleShuffle, bring back a touch of strange to your collection with our awesome Emily the Strange clothing and merchandise!