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June 28th 2014

Make Your Re(view) Count! xoxo

We’re always looking after our customers, and the review of the month competitions – is just another jewel on our crown!

It really couldn’t be easier – all you have to do (to bag yourself a whopping £50 to spend on the site!) is tell us what you love about your new TruffleShuffle purchase! Were you singing 80s theme tunes to the postman as he handed over your new Round the Twist t-shirt? Do you always get loads of comments on your new Music t-shirt? Let us know how the whole shopping experience went, and we’ll reward you by popping some credit in your account! Last month.

Shivani told us about her Boxed My Little Pony mug, and she’s now the proud owner of £50, sent straight from the bank of TruffleShuffle:

‘’This mug is sunshine on a cloudy day, when it's cold outside, this mug is the month of May! My mug, my mug, my mug, talking about my mug, THIS MUG! Ok now I've shared that, it really is a gorgeous specimen and happily sits at my desk ready for all my 'need tea' moments. Came the next day, safe and sound, ( even the box looked great) and I'm waiting for it to be back in stock to order one for my friend who fell in love with mine when she saw it.’’

Head over to TruffleShuffle to find the item you recently purchased – click ‘add a review ‘ and the rest is easy! Pop your funny cap on and make us chuckle, or pop your complimenting hat on and make us proud to be part of an amazing shopping experience and we’ll choose our favourite on the 1st of the next month!

Head over and see the other TruffleShuffle reviews! Sound good? We look forward to seeing what you come up with! Good luck! xoxo

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June 19th 2014

Mamma Mia! 10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About... Mario!

In honour of the absolutely amazing eighth instalment of the Mario Kart series and our fab new Mario T-Shirts, we have decided to pay tribute to Nintendo's finest icon.  As a long time gamer since the NES days myself, I am very proud to present to you '10 things you (probably) didn't know about Mario!'

Mario T-Shirt

1 - Mario's first appearance was in the game Donkey Kong but he was originally named Jumpman.  Nintendo must have realised their hero was deserving of something better and his name was changed because of an uncanny resemblance to the landlord of Nintendo’s US office, Mario Segale, who had been busy chasing Nintendo for rent money!

2 - Donkey Kong was originally intended to be a Popeye game but Nintendo couldn't secure the rights so had to create their own cast of characters.  Popeye was replaced with Mario (or Jumpman), Olive Oyl with Pauline (the damsel in distress) and Bluto with Donkey Kong, a legacy was born!

3 - Mario was originally a carpenter when he appeared in Donkey Kong.  Since then he became better known as a plumber but has also been a doctor, kart racer, archaeologist, referee, golfer, tennis star,  typing tutor and many others.  Has he no ends to his talents!

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May 15th 2014

SPOTTED Laura Whitmore Wears Our Ladies We're All Mad Here Alice In Wonderland T-Shirt

This girl loves her t-shirts and she sure loves a TruffleShuffle special it seems! :-)The lovely Laura Whitmore has been spotted once again in a EXCLUSIVE! Proudly sporting our fab and super retro Ladies We're All Mad Here Alice In Wonderland T-Shirt on her MTV News show and shared on her Instagram. Take a peep!

This vintage style and oh-so quirky Alice In Wonderland Classic tee simply flew off the shelves shortly after this but is now back in stock in all sizes! Hurrah! Be sure to snap yours up today for only £19.99 only at

Alice In Wonderland T-Shirt

Don't worry chaps, we wouldn't want you to miss out on this childhood classic of a tee so we have something for you too, oh and girls, now the sunshine is finally here, perhaps the vest might be an option for your Summer Wardrobe!

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March 16th 2014

SPOTTED! Tom Fletcher Wears Our EXCLUSIVE Transformers All Over Print Sweater

We were recently introduced to the amazing vlog from Carrie and Tom Fletcher (you know, the guy from McFly! eeeeek) and have been catching up with all the brother and sister banter, when we came across Tom's "Dear Carrie: The One when I'm at the Beach" and spotted him sporting none other than our very own EXCLUSIVE Unisex Transformers All Over Print Sweater - this just gets better! :-)


Tom Fletcher Wears Our EXCLUSIVE Unisex Transformers All Over Print Sweater from Mr Gugu & Miss Go

For those who missed this, check out the original vlog entry here folks...


Created in collaboration with the hipster brand Mr Gugu & Miss Go! Our fab jumpers are covered in Decepticon and Autobot masks, these are the perfect vehicle for looking cool!

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March 10th 2014

Utterly Bodacious Exclusive New Clueless Clothing!

We've done it again peeps! As huuuuge lovers of one of the biggest and best chick flicks, we just can't help ourselves and have been hard at work once again creating even more exclusive Clueless clothing designs!

The perfect way to show your appreciation for our heroes Cher, Tai, Dionne and the Clueless gang, our amazing new T-Shirts are a real must this Summer for anyone who grew up with the ultimate chick flick. Take a peep....

Clueless T-Shirt

Clueless Sweater

These stunning new off white t shirt and grey jumper feature the Clueless girls, Cher, Dionne and Tai, looking totally rad in their fabulous nineties get up! Complete with the classic Cher line, 'Ugh, As If' across the front they're a real nostalgic find with a bang up to date style.

Clueless Vest

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February 2nd 2014

Hurry! 20% off TruffleShuffle Ends Tonight!

20% Off TruffleShuffle Exclusives - This Weekend

This weekend we've offered everyone the chance to save 20% on all our TruffleShuffle branded retro t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers & jackets. All you need to do to claim your 20% discount is simply enter the voucher code GETEXCLUSIVE at the checkout.

Be quick though... This offer ends TONIGHT! (Midnight 02/02/14 GMT).

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