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June 14th 2010

Swot up on your vintage tees knowledge!

Here at TruffleShuffle we love anthing related to retro tees and can't think of a better accessory for your coffee table than this fab Vintage T-Shirts book from Taschen! With 392 pages packed full of interesting T-shirt facts and wonderful pics, you won't want to put it down!

June 8th 2010

Show your support for animal rights with these fab Junk Food tees!

If you are a passionate supporter of animal rights, these statement tees from Junk Food are a fab way of expressing your views! With a No Fur and Go Vegan designs to choose from, we think our furry friends will really appreciate the message. xoxo

June 2nd 2010

Crack open the beers and bring on the World Cup!!!

If World Cup fever is set to take over your Summer this year, why not join in the festivities retro style! These fab World Cup legends tees from DMC come in white (home) and red (away) and feature sixteen footballing greats! Only £19.99, get in there!

May 17th 2010

Yay!!! Wicked new Labyrinth tees just in!

If the mere mention of goblins, Jareth, the bog of eternal stench and that uber scary maze gets you brimming with excitement, you will be mightily impressed with our brand new Labyrinth TShirts, fresh on the site today!

With some wicked designs for both the men and ladies there is bound to be something to tempt you!

March 4th 2010

A random tune from our youth…….

Every so often we hear a tune that brings memories flooding back....... Well Sesame's Treet by Smart E's did exactly that in the office today. We love Sesame Street and we love this tune!! Enjoy.....

February 18th 2010

Barbie can fix your PC!

Barbie, 'the' iconic fashion doll of nearly every little girl since 1959 has a new career -- as a computer engineer!For the first time, Mattel took an online vote, asking people to select the Barbie doll's 125th career by choosing between architect, computer engineer, environmentalist, news anchor or surgeon."As a computer engineer, Barbie will show girls that women can turn their ideas into realities that have a direct and positive impact on people's everyday lives in this exciting and rewarding career," she said. Mattel polled fans on Facebook and Twitter for Barbie's next big career change.However, while the popular vote went to computer engineer, Mattel noted that girls selected news anchor as their favored career for the doll that, over the years, has been an aerobics instructor, nurse, flight attendant, NASCAR driver and an ambassador.The girls' choice wasn't disregarded. News Anchor Barbie will be the doll's next career.The toy company, which unveiled both new career-minded dolls at the 2010 American International Toy Fair last weekend, noted that they are both expected to hit store shelves very soon.Computer Engineer Barbie is going geek chic with a binary code patterned T-shirt. She's also decked out with a pink laptop, a smartphone, a Bluetooth headset, and trendy eye wear.To add to the idea of being a computer engineer, the doll comes with a code that unlocks exclusive online game content on for all you nerds out there that are wondering what the binary code on the laptop screen says. It says "Barbie Barbie Barbie" in ASCI.